iPhone 7, all that is known about the new mobile Apple

iPhone 7

iPhone 7, all that is known about the new mobile Apple

The renewal of smartphones reference of the leading manufacturers usually comes in the first quarter. In the weeks around the MWC presentation of new models that are coming progressively over the following months occurs.

No, there is a “rebel” call Apple (and Google go around with their Nexus) having a cycle of annual renewal of the iPhone that leads directly to September. Your next model will be the iPhone in July, after the latest leaks and more serious, it’s time to go over everything that is known about the future iPhone 7 Apple.

Is the design change cycle will break?

Since the first iPhone saw the light, Apple has maintained fidelity for renewal cycle associated with the design change digit in the name of your iPhone. Last year touched keep the main structure and appearance of 2014, so the theory tells us that after the iPhone 6s last year, in 2016 touches change of name and design. But will it be like this time?

The first reliable leaks and that look real iPhone 7 will not show for now a significant change in the design of Apple’s smartphone. The metal body is maintained (has been talking about a return to Crystal for iPhone 7 for months) with the current two sizes, 4.7 and 5.5 inches, and the changes are minor but important in certain respects.

iPhone 7

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A visual level seems to be lost prominent area for antennas and design reconfigures to pass more unnoticed in the metal body and have more continuity in the appearance of the iPhone 7.

It remains to be seen whether the headphone jack disappears and we see an iPhone that promotes the use of Bluetooth headphones to listen to music.

An important development that emerged from a recent leak solves one of the nightmares and weakest points of the current iPhone: the sound of the speakers. The only speaker today, but insufficient powerful models, would become a system of four elements in the corners that promises much if your configuration repeats execution we’ve seen on the iPad Pro.

On a possible connector advanced as Apple tablet for now we will have to wait, although it was not clear what use would on an iPhone where the keyboard does not arise as an accessory. And we’ll see if the comments on the improvement in the impermeability of the next iPhone in July eventually become an IP more than expected on phones from Apple profile.

A reference chamber, perhaps double

The next iPhone in July, the specification star that many hope has to do with the camera. The current iPhone is no longer the reference in the sector and has been overtaken in several sections by franchises like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

It remains to be seen whether the needed renewal of the camera next iPhone 7 interpreted in two versions. A first come hand 7 4.7 – inch iPhone. According to leaks, the new chamber would protrude enough, which would indicate a significant level of effort sensor size and components. No change resolution in sight, the 12 megapixel could improve substantially if Apple gives you more surface area to enlarge the photo diodes and also reaches the optical stabilization.

The second option would be located in the iPhone 7 Plus, and here are talking about a double sensor in tune with what we have seen this year with the LG G5 and Huawei P9, and also Samsung may be preparing for Galaxy S8 or even Note that know the expected in September.

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The dual sensor could eventually take over LG since Sony does not seem to face a commission like Apple. Another novelty associated with the photographic mode could be a system of laser focus.

And what would this dual function camera? This does not appear that Apple will employ an incidental manner as in the LG G5 but we could see a direct work to improve low light scenes, change the focus post and even zoom in 2-3 increases without excessive loss quality thanks to technology Apple bought a year ago with the acquisition of the Israeli company LinX, specialized precisely in image processing from a double sensor.

A model of 256 GB of 16 GB!

The Plus version of the next iPhone 7 points by leaks and rumors that have more differentiation from the 4.7-inch model. No longer just the screen size and camera stabilization, but could be a version with 256 GB capacity. No extension of clear memory.

The most confused of this rumor is that the capacity is not at a place but that model would replace the version of 128GB and some models 16 and 64 GB would be maintained, causing well be the effect that Apple believe he wants: that is mainly think about going to the most expensive (and complete) option.

Of the real possibilities we have the two versions differentiated by the amount of RAM (2 and 3 GB), the annual update processor and a possible increase in battery capacity. Visit http://appletonwitheaton.org.uk/ for more tech tips.

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