Listen to music with the Zemi Aria, a speaker with style

Zemi Aria

Listen to music with the Zemi Aria, a speaker with style

Who said we cannot watch TV or listen to music at home in style? Increasingly device manufacturers for use in the home care more design and manufacturing quality, with exponents especially in music and image. Here we have brands like Loewe, Bang & Olufsen or in the case that concerns us, Zemi Aria.

And is that the brand has in the market a speaker that just seeing the pictures and making impact, a model with the guidelines devised by the designer Francesco Pellisari also will not conflict with a high sound quality and of course, with a also high price.

Zemi Aria

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The Zemi Aria has a spherical shape and is held on a circular base that gives a similar appearance a crystal ball or even a bowling ball given brightness in black on the back of the speaker.

A rear stops only to lead to a small hole that houses the device connections and encompass a miniUSB port (will not allow play music from an external device), an analog input via jack 3.5 that also serves as optical jack and the power button on and off. Too few connections?

You can, at least when compared to other existing options on the market, but manufacturers seem to him enough if we consider that also you can connect to your device via Bluetooth or AirPlay (if you use a terminal with IOS) and handle it with the command It is including distance.

And … just enough to touch, since the Zemi Aria, at least that can be found in black color, is a real magnet for fingerprints by the black piano finish it has.

Design on the grid … a success

But if anything stands the Zemi Francesco Pellisari Aria is the metal grid designed by Ron Arad held by a magnetic mechanism that allows easy removal, but below we will find the classic fabric cover no more.

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Under it is a pair of tweeters and woofers that offer a 125W power, guaranteeing a certain volume and sound quality, although, up to full power, it can distort slightly.

The Zemi Aria can manage sound in 24-bit, 96 kHz using its optical input using a S / PDIF cable. The loudspeaker has a frequency response of 30 Hz to 20 kHz, a detail which however is not incompatible with the presence of a rich bass.

The Zemi Aria can be found in the market in two colors, such as black and white piano at a price that, as we could expect, is not exactly low, it is around 600 dollars in the Apple Store.

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