Odin2, a LED projector with touch screen and Android 6.0 to share the contents of the mobile to the big


Odin2, a LED projector with touch screen and Android 6.0 to share the contents of the mobile to the big

Personally, I am not very keen on the mini-projectors and entertainment systems for the living room because of the generally low benefits they offer, although I must admit that bring some versatility and if the price is not very high may be good substitutes for a TV in Depending on what situations.

This is apparently the case Odin2, a device company based in Two Owls Android 6.0, which incorporates in its top a 5 – inch touch screen from which to operate the device as if it were a smartphone.


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It supports streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Instant Video or BBC iPlayer and can be used to access Spotify, or Apple Tidal Music and play tracks from the tiny speaker of 2 cm in diameter.

It features an LCD panel 1280×720 pixels (although supports signals up to 1080p) that generates 300 lumens thanks to an LED lamp with an estimated 30,000 hours duration. To manage the OS comes with a CPU Quad-core ARM Cortex-A17 at 1.8GHz and 2GB of RAM will allow us to run most applications and games available in the store.

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It connects to the local network using WiFi N in the bands 2.4 and 5 GHz, has interface Bluetooth 4.0 with which we can use wireless mice and keyboards or send the sound to external speakers, it comes with HDMI output, two USB ports 2.0, Micro SD slot and 16 GB internal memory.

Price and availability

Odin2 is seeking funding in Indiegogo and want to start distributing units in the spring of 2017 for a price of $ 525. It may as a leisure system does not offer much performance in terms of image and sound quality, but it can be useful when showing the content of the mobile to several people at once, as it also allows to do screen mirror from our mobile iOS And Android.

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