Roborock H6, it has almost everything to make the broom disappear from home

Roborock H6

Roborock H6, it has almost everything to make the broom disappear from home

If we want to put the most advanced technology in the equation of daily house cleaning, brooms with a cyclonic system are gaining ground for comfort and good operation. Finally with decent batteries.

The new Roborock H6 is the handheld vacuum cleaner that has passed the test floors with the not at all simple objective of replacing not only the broom of all life but the main vacuum cleaner in the home. And stand up to the dominator so far in the sector: Dyson.

Robot design and operation

Although we are talking about a handheld vacuum cleaner, in the consumer technology market, design matters. The Roborock H6 is a clear example of this, and the brand supported by Xiaomi has not left any details to chance. We are dealing with a hand-held vacuum cleaner of very careful design and quite visually attractive.

The finish of both the vacuum cleaner and the accessories included with it are of good quality. They are made of durable-looking plastic that gives the Roborock H6 its great advantage over the competition: very low weight.

The strong point of the Roborock H6 vacuum cleaner at the design level is its low weight, which makes it very comfortable to operate with one hand without fatigue

The vacuum system weighs only 1.4 kg, but even with the largest accessory, the total does not in any case exceed 2.5 kg. This circumstance is key to the experience of use with the Roborock H6, since we can use it without effort or fatigue with one hand, handling it in comfort (easily lifting the brushes when necessary) and for as long as we need.

That lightness of the Roborock H6 is complemented by how well thought-out the accessories are, especially the main brush, whose radius of action is wide and supports very fast and effortless turns. Virtually without bending over, the Roborock H6 vacuum broom can be tucked under furniture, deep tables, or sofas.

Roborock H6 operating modes

The Roborock H6’s suction base is comprised of a 420W brushless motor with a multi-stage impeller that makes cyclone-type bagless vacuuming possible. Its maximum suction force is 140 AW.

The Roborock H6 broom type robot vacuum offers the user three modes of operation. All three are selectable from the main button of the robot, placed for operation with the thumb. Other well thought-out controls have been the lock for continuous suction and my favorite, the trigger, which gives the consumer full control of the operation of the robotic vacuum cleaner.

The information about the active mode, the blocking or not of the continuous aspiration or the remaining autonomy can be found on a splendid OLED screen. Visibility is perfect and clear enough when using icons.

The main mode of operation is the one we will use most of the time. In our field test, it has been suitable for classic floor and furniture dust cleaning with great results. There are no remains on any surface. If the cleaning we want to do is faster and basically focuses on lint and superficial dust (the typical use of a traditional broom), the Eco mode is sufficient and as we will see, it will give us much more autonomy.

The third mode of operation is the one that gives us the maximum suction power and is the one that we must use when we want to clean upholstery, carpets or rough surfaces where, in addition to dirt, we intend to eliminate allergens and well-embedded particles. In our test this mode has removed particles from where we thought there were no longer, which were only visible in the filters and not in the general tank.

In operation, the Roborock H6 cannot deny that it makes noise. In the most powerful mode, they are about 70 dB, quite high but luckily, it will be used for a short time. The other two modes of operation, although it offers a high noise level, this is similar to that of classic vacuum cleaners. So do not expect a house cleaning without discomfort for others.

In all operating modes, sensors act to detect when we are on a carpet, at which time the usual 1100 rpm of the main brush on hard floors increases to 4000 rpm to achieve greater cleaning power.

The Roborock robot vacuum cleaner includes a five-stage air purification system (HEPA filter), which the manufacturer says is capable of filtering particles down to 0.3 microns, which are trapped in it before going outside again.

All these filters, as well as the main tank (transparent to see its contents and with a gate that opens with a simple lever), are very easy to remove and clean. And to replace, which for some users can be a headache.

Battery life and charge

The 3610 mAh battery has an autonomy that logically depends on the suction power that we demand. As we have seen, this robotic broom includes three possible modes of operation.

The manufacturer announces an autonomy of almost 90 minutes for when we use the softest vacuum mode, but in our tests, with this mode we have mediated about 60-80 minutes of autonomy , fluctuations that are due to the type of accessory used and if it was motorized or not.

If we pass the most common mode of use, the autonomy was around 23 to 32 minutes, while in the most powerful mode of all; we can barely use the Roborock H6 broom for 9-10 minutes, enough time for the main use of this mode.

Something not so positive is that the battery charge takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes according to our tests, so it should always be ready to recharge after each intensive use.

The charging system can be carried out in two ways. The most direct is in which we connect the charging cable directly to the Roborock H6 battery. It is a comfortable solution to not have elements in between, but if we are going to establish a fixed storage place for the robotic broom, the charging base is a great idea to keep the broom vacuum always available since leaving it stored produces battery charge by contact.

This charging base also serves to have organized and at hand the rest of the elements and accessories that are included with the ** Roborock H6 *, but for this the base must be placed on the wall, for which the necessary elements are included.

Roborock H6 Accessories

Along with the robot vacuum cleaner, the Roborock H6 includes a wide range of accessories. The main one is the brush intended for use with hard floors, which is the largest but does not come with the tested unit. The version we have tested includes a special carpet brush that uses carbon fiber bristles and a 50 W motor to increase suction power and that we can use without problem on all types of floors.

The second included brush is smaller and more manageable, it comes motorized and that helps it adapt better to soft areas of furniture such as sofas.

The rest of the accessories are a dust brush with long bristles, a tool to suck in nooks and two extension tubes: one classic rigid and the other flexible, which is of great help to clean dust from more inaccessible areas with the help of the brush long bristles.

The placement of all accessories is very simple and direct, and its operation is carried out with a practical, well identifiable button.

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