How to Turn Your Van into a Mini Travel Hotel to Save Money on Vacation

How to Turn Your Van into a Mini Travel Hotel to Save Money on Vacation

For many, the concept of a travel van involves hippies, Woodstock, and the groovy 60s. However, travel vans are still an awesome idea for individuals, couples, or small families, with high hopes of saving some cash on their vacations. Long or short, all of your travels could benefit from investing your vacation cash in the renovation of a totally cool travel van.

Keep a Cooler on Hand [Or a Battery-Powered or Solar Super-Mini Fridge]

A cooler is a great way to keep all of your drinks and perishable goodies cold. However, even insulated coolers lose their cool eventually. So, the best course of action for a long trip is mini fridge—super small, portable, and either solar or battery powered. Stock up on canned drinks, bottles of water, some deli meat, and your favorite jam for on-the-go PB & J sandwiches.

Throw in a Mattress, Thick Blankets, and Plush Pillows

A sleep space is essential to your travel van. Measure the back of your van and get a mattress that will fit. Pile it high with comfy, thick, warm blankets and plush, plump pillows. If you have a sunroof, this setup is especially nice on nights when you can lie on your makeshift bed and look out at the stars.

Invest in Pull-Open Blackout Curtains

There is nothing worse than finding an awesome sleep rhythm only to be woken up by too much streaming sunshine. Especially on vacation in your travel van. Invest in small, pull-open, blackout curtains for your van windows at night. Pull them closed to catch some shuteye, and fling them open to let a little sun in.

Get a Full Inspection and Work Up Before Every Big Trip

Before you go on any vacations, long or short—be it a California destination wedding, or a mini vacay to the mountains, you need to get your travel van inspected and fully loaded. Head to a reliable, reputable mechanic or automotive technician for a workup. Fix any problems they find before your big trip because you don’t want to get on the highway only to have your van break down on the interstate.

Sure, you could purchase an RV, but vans are a bit cheaper and they have the old-fashioned, chic feel that makes you want to throw peace signs and don your bell-bottom jeans. Take a groovy walk on the comfy side when you implement the aforementioned tips to turn your van into a nice travel space.

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