How to visit Petra

How to visit Petra

How to visit Petra

Petra is an ancient city located in Jordan. A place where the Natabei, an ancient tribe from northern Arabia, were founded around 800 BC. To build it, they dug houses and temples into the walls of a sunken and impervious valley. But the city experienced its heyday around the year 100 AD when the Romans conquered it and built impressive buildings. One of the most important they built was the theater. After that, Petra fell into decline, so much so that not even the conquest of the Arabs was able to revive it. In the meantime, the traces of this city were lost. Only in the nineteenth did the hidden artistic and archaeological treasures that the desert had preserved for hundreds of years come back to light. Today Petra is one of the most important tourist destinations in the area. In the following guide, I explain how to visit Petra in Jordan.

How to visit Petra?

How to visit Petra

In this place so coveted and sought after by tourists, you can breathe a sparkling air full of emotions. When you visit Petra, it seems to be immersed in another dimension. This is thanks to its massive and impressive building facades carved on the rock. But before venturing, it is necessary to collect useful information to visit it. First of all, it is essential to get acquainted with the place through the tourist guides. Furthermore, before traveling, it is necessary to register on a specific site, where you can declare the planned itinerary. Communicating the details of the trip (dates, flight, hotel, etc.). This declaration must also be made to the Italian diplomatic representation on the spot. Then inquire about the time zone and when you can visit the sites. The ticket offices can be found open from six in the morning until 18 in the evening in summer. While in winter, they close at sixteen. The right time to visit Petra is undoubtedly spring and autumn. In fact, during this period, the temperatures are mild and pleasant.

Choose the hotel

Now you can choose the hotel where to stay overnight. This must always be done before leaving, together with other information. Obviously, it would be commendable to consult with tourist operators, who will recommend the most suitable hotel. The most recommended hotels are Petra Guest House and Movenpick, which are located at the entrance to the archaeological site and at the Visitors Center. While if you want to stay in other hotels, you need to have a vehicle.

Visit the place

At this point, you can visit the place. To get to Petra from some places in Jordan, there are many alternatives. For example, if you have to reach Amman from the capital, you first need to decide which way to go. There are three roads available for the journey: the Desert Highway, where public transport also travels and the King’s Road. This is only accessible by public transport. Finally, the last road is the one bordered entirely by the Dead Sea. On the other hand, if the tour starts from Jerusalem, it is suggested to travel with tours organized by the hotel where you are staying. Also, to reach the archaeological site of Petra, you can take a taxi or shuttle service. The visit to Petra allows you to walk along paths surrounded by rocks in which numerous monumental tombs are excavated. Although the facades of the tombs, temples and monasteries have been partly ruined by erosion, they retain an extraordinary charm. Also worth visiting is the theater located in the center of the city. To these sites are added the extraordinary and imposing facades, including the one carved in the rock in the third century BC For the temple in honor of Dhu-Shara, the main Nabataean deity of Petra.

Before leaving, inquire for information on health care by connecting to the Countries of the world site. There are also free downloadable apps from the App Store and Play Store. Take out health insurance. Before leaving, it is essential to find out about the country to visit, knowing its history, culture, religion and economy. Tour operators, airlines and hotels are always preferred as they declare that they are actively committed to the environment and respect for local populations. Respect those who also host by informing themselves how to behave and dress.

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