Music in London: 5 Musical Experiences Not To Be Missed

Music in London

Music in London: 5 Musical Experiences Not To Be Missed

Are you music addicted and looking for special places to experience music in London? After my last trip to the city, I selected 5 musical experiences not to be missed for you.

Listening to music in London: 5 musical experiences not to be missed

When I think of London, I am always overwhelmed by a wave of energy and positivity. For me it is a unique city, with a thousand opportunities, especially from a musical point of view. If you love music, here you will find a lot to do. Today, however, I want to tell you 5 unmissable experiences that I lived during my 5-day vacation in London.

Live music in London

We spent the first evening in London at Ronnie Scott’s, a jazz club from another era in the heart of Soho. And when I say of the past, it is really so! A heavy red velvet curtain borders the entrance. You enter and suddenly you are catapulted into another era. It feels like being in a 1930s movie: soft lighting, burgundy carpet and in the background a jazz quartet, that plays excellent music. A real must for lovers of the genre!

I absolutely recommend an evening in this place: here you make music every evening until late and on Sunday you can also have lunch enjoying a good performance.

London is full of places to listen to live music of all kinds, just do a little research on Songkick to find out all the events of the day and choose the most suitable for you.

Jam Session & Open Mic

The music in London is not only to listen but also to play. There are many jam sessions and Open Mic evenings in which to let your talent come out. Our second evening started at the Green Note in Camden Town, one of the many clubs that offer so-called Open Mic evenings.

Have you written a song and do you want to make everyone hear it? All you have to do is introduce yourself to the club and put yourself on the list: the guitar and the microphone are made available by the organizers.

From Camden Town, we went back to Ronnie Scott’s for a fantastic jam session: if you are a musician and you want to come out into the open, these evenings are for you.   It starts with the concert of the resident house band and continues with a lot of very good musicians who take turns on stage. The really special thing about jam sessions is the extreme freedom of expression. Everyone can participate. Even my boyfriend and I that evening we played a song with musicians never seen before and it was … magical!

Another highly recommended venue for jam session evenings is the Troy Bar in Shoreditch.


In London, music is really found on every corner thanks to the many street artists (called buskers ) who animate the most famous squares in the city: from Covent Garden to Camden Town, from Piccadilly Circus to the liveliest Leicester Square.

Around London, we met great talents, such as Andrew Duncan, a young Scottish musician looking for luck in the capital. A crazy singer to look for in the streets of London and to follow on Instagram: his account has almost 80K followers. And like him there are many other extraordinary musicians to discover in the liveliest corners of the city.


You cannot visit London without attending at least one musical. Theaters and shows are many and range from the great Broadway classics to more modern productions. We spent our fourth evening in London at the Shaftesbury Theater to attend the Motown musical. We went to the last-minute box offices (which I recommend to do to everyone) asking which shows were still available. This allowed us to have very discounted tickets for top seats. The choice fell a little randomly on this show and we have not regretted it! The air you breathe in the theater is really exciting, you can feel part of the show from the first minute. The quality of the productions, then, is very high: the excellent actors, the exceptional live band, the enthralling choreography. An experience to do absolutely!

Music shops and flea markets in London

A stroll through shops and markets dedicated to music is a must. In Camden Town, for example, you will find many. On the last day of our holiday in London, we took a long walk among the stalls. Wonderful! We discovered shops for musical instruments, vinyls, t-shirts and sheet music … and time has flown by. If you are passionate about music shopping, keep at least half a day free to enjoy the beauty of these places. And set a budget, it’s very easy to spend more than you should!

There is so much music to discover in London. From squares to the most hidden corners of the city. Magic, emotions and enthusiasm alternate continuously. It’s like living in a parallel world where the soundtrack is always different. We can’t wait to go back to live other musical adventures.

And you? Have you had other unmissable musical experiences in London that you want to recommend?

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