My nine favorite trips

favorite trips

My nine favorite trips

When many begin their vacations and some friends have asked me where I was planning to travel this year. There are many circumstances that determine us, which is our preferred destination, and among other factors, we also intervene a lot the budget that we have. In any case, reviewing the trips I have made in recent years, these are my nine favorite trips, in case you can be an inspiration or useful to plan your next vacation.

Many will be fans of relaxation trips and beach; others will enjoy much more with trips of sports tourism, or experiences and adventures. Some are more than I am and others are more cold and speaking of my preferences, my trips usually include diving as an important part when choosing destination. That is why, in preparing this selection with my nine favorite trips I have chosen a little of everything, so that there are trips for all tastes.

favorite trips

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1. Tanzania

This was probably my best trip, where I combined scuba diving on the island of Zanzibar with a wonderful photo safari on the African continent where I was able to do some of my best wildlife photography. Besides Africa is the most unknown continent and I recommend this destination if you feel like discovering it easily and comfortably.

2. Namibia

This trip was fifteen years ago and it was my first trip to Black Africa. I went there to meet my brother-in-law who works in Windoek and with recommendations; I discovered one of the most fascinating countries I have ever traveled. Both the national reserve of Etosha Park and the journey along the coast of the skeletons today seem unforgettable.

3. Northern Ireland

Its peculiar landscape, gastronomy and attractions as interesting as the Giant’s Causeway have made you dream of knowing this land for a long time. Derry, Belfast and other cities are worth a detour.

There you will undoubtedly enjoy its green fields, its food products and the charm and sympathy of its inhabitants. Keep this in mind as an option to travel soon.

4. New York

It is one of the destinations to which I traveled more times, for different reasons. Discover its streets, its fascinating architecture, see the city that never sleeps and tour its districts, especially Queens, a great unknown for many.

Talking about traveling to New York is talking about a dream for many people and is always unforgettable. This year I was taking my mother and seeing her face to discover the lights and skyscrapers I will not forget in life.

5. Jordan

Being able to visit Petra by candlelight, tour the desert, take a bath in the Dead Sea or share the friendship of its inhabitants has been an experience that was on my list of dreams until I visited it last year. Jordan is a country that must be known at some point and every year that passed until my time came to do it seemed eternal.

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6. Scotland

Now it is in full swing after the Brexit theme, but it has always been present in my heart since I went to Scotland on a free camping trip when I was studying in college. Would not you like to find Nessie the Loch Ness Monster? Last year I went back to Scotland on a more gastronomic trip and returned to enjoy their High Lands, their Glenns and Lochs and of course the city of Edinburgh. In August, it celebrates its famous festival of theater and it is worth going to know it. Put it on your agenda.

7. Samaná in the Dominican Republic

Undoubtedly the Caribbean always has great attractions, whether to rest or to enjoy its magnificent beaches, Samaná is a maraavilla that I recommend you to know. There you can enjoy magnificent sunsets, relaxing landscapes, Caribbean music and surely, you can create great memories for a lifetime.

8. Norway

In contrast to the high temperatures, I also want to recommend Norway as one of my favorite trips. I have been twice, one to visit North Cape, in summer time, when I could see the midnight sun and another in winter, for cod fishing, when I was lucky enough to contemplate a fascinating aurora borealis. Both times, I found it fascinating and I cannot wait to return and get to know other areas of Norway like Bergen. Who knows when I can go again!

9. Canaima in Venezuela

It is a fascinating area located in the eastern part of Venezuela. There you can see the Angel Falls, the highest waterfall in the world and discover the charms of this country. It is an ideal destination if you like hiking. There you can explore its territory, navigate the canoes made of a log, and discover many waterfalls. It is also very close to the mouth of the Orinoco and Los Roques, another great spot to dive.

Where else could we travel?

The world is too big to choose only nine destinations, but certainly these have been my nine favorite trips and I include them as my recommendations as a destination if you are still planning your future vacations.

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