The best places to travel in 2017, month by month


The best places to travel in 2017, month by month

These days back to the routine after the holiday madness are a good time to do planning year: work, travel and … purposes, of course. What better way to face the cold and a year of hard work ahead than illusion with the holidays that are to come? We will discover, month by month, the places that will be trend in 2017. Are we packing?


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January: Los Angeles, United States

If Los Angeles is always the city of film, after the last delivery of the Golden Globes and the undeniable smash hit La La Land, the city has become more fashionable if possible. January is a good month to visit, away from the stifling summer temperatures, and the tour of the best locations of the movie in my head.

February: Havana, Cuba

Cuba lives in times of political change, and the inhabitants of Havana agree that the city will undergo major transformations in the coming years. If we want to escape the cold of the northern hemisphere, a trip to the Caribbean is always a good option. And walk the streets of Old Havana, one of the few major world cities that do not will run into a Starbucks on every corner, can become an unforgettable experience.

March: Agra, India

Visit the Taj Mahal is a must on any travelers list of dreams. But Agra, in this 2017, offers much more to its visitors: its streets have recently been refurbished, the Agra Pavilion (a large complex of shops and restaurants) and the Mughal Museum opened its doors and be faster to reach than ever, thanks To the inauguration of a new high-speed train.

April: Osaka, Japan

Osaka is the gastronomic city par excellence of Japan. An ancient traditions and modernity incessant country, joins in Osaka the presence of nothing more and nothing less than 91 Michelin star restaurants. April 28 will be the day when the city celebrates its culinary tradition, with the opening of the International Festival Utage, a 10-day gastronomic festival that celebrates the flavors of Japan.

May: Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is in fashion. After UNESCO added in 2015 the Speicherstadt (the district of the city’s stores) to the list of World Heritage sites, the city has taken on a new air. The new promenade along the River Elbe and the upcoming opening of the impressive building of the Elbphilharmonie are two of the credentials presented by the city to attract us to go looking flight.

June: Kazakhstan

June is a good month to travel to Kazakhstan without suffering the inclement weather of Central Asia. Astana, the capital of the country, is a trend. This is demonstrated by the inauguration of the St Regis and the Ritz Carlton and, above all, the future World Expo 2017, which aims to change the image of the country making it a driver of renewable energy.

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July: Canada

This is the great year of Canada, celebrating the 150th anniversary of its creation. In addition, Montreal celebrates 375 years since its founding, Ottawa (the capital) has prepared a very extensive program of activities and all national parks in the country (which are many, more than 200) will offer free admission to visitors. Canada is the second largest country in the world in extent, so we will have plenty to choose from on our visit. Of course, better to wait for the warm summer months.

August: Hawaii, United States

Hawaii is committed to offering more than just paradise beaches and surfing. The most exotic state in the United States has wanted to boost its cultural heritage … and it has succeeded. This 2017 will hold its first Biennial, which will bring together artists from around the Pacific arc and Hawaiians forgotten artists. And, well, taking into account that we want to escape in August, it is not a bad idea to try its warm waters.

September: Maldives

Maldives resists tooth and nail to the omens of climate change, which speak of the islands as one of the most harmed territories in the world. Between this year and last, more than 25 new hotels will open in its idyllic shores, the Male International Airport will undergo a comprehensive renovation and the country will wait expectantly to accept its candidacy UNESCO as a biosphere reserve.

October: Zermatt, Switzerland

The Matterhorn is the iconic Swiss mountain, and all the environment Zermatt is the ideal place for snow lovers inaugurate the season next winter place. Moreover, they celebrated the 200th anniversary of resort luxury Riffelalp, who just undergo a major refurbishment. The Gornergrat train and a new open air theater next opening are the other two perfect reasons to take advantage of an autumn break to Switzerland. Well … and chocolate too, of course.

November: Cape Town, South Africa

The opening of Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art, one of the leading artistic projects of this 2017, will put Cape Town on the map of the trends this year. At the top of the museum will be located the most avant-garde hotel in the city and dozens of restaurants and entertainment venues are opening their doors to live up to what promises to be their great year.

December: Finland

Yes, we do. The trip that closes the year is destined only to the bravest … or the less frioleros. But is that the December 6, 2017 Finland will celebrate the 100th anniversary of its independence and commemoration parties that last all year, they will reach its climax. Helsinki, the capital, will give itself the magnificent Central Library, which will be worth the visit itself.

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