The ideal vacation for some people is not Disney World or Hawaii

The ideal vacation for some people is not Disney World or Hawaii

It’s a getaway where they spend part of their time hunting wildlife and the other enjoying comfortable accommodations and excellent meals in a warm setting. For these travelers, a hunting lodge would be their best destination. Regardless if an individual or group are expert hunters or experiencing this activity for the first time, hunting lodges, like Alabama’s Deer Lake Lodge, are the starting and ending point to a day of hunting and camaraderie. The question is, what should look for in an Alabama hunting lodge to make it a pleasurable experience instead of a disaster which turns you off from hunting.

The main thing to look out for is its vicinity to prime hunting land. Regardless if it’s a short walk or drive, a hunting lodge should be within the range of a hunting zone which can be gotten to quickly and quietly. What’s even better is if the lodge sits on private land which is primed to lure wildlife. In Alabama, some lodges offer hundreds and thousands of acres of private land where hunting takes place.

The other thing to check is the hunting options offered. While hunting for deer is extremely popular, lodges offer options to hunt pheasant, quail, turkeys, or simply spend time catching fish. Within these offerings check to see if the lodge provides group hunts for different skill sets. Group hunts may consist of an expert guide who breaks down the area and directs visitors to prime locations where wildlife can be easily seen and captured.

Of course, you want to look at the accommodations and dining options the lodge has. They should be comfortable and relaxing in any season and allow for complete rest for those days when you need to get up before the sun to begin the hunt. Not only should dining be available and plentiful for hours outside, but there should also be an option for your to clean and cook your own captures.

Finally, the cost of staying at a hunting lodge, regardless of the season, should be reasonable enough that you enjoy yourself without feeling the weight of the investment made. It’s best to speak to other hunters you know to see if they have any recommendations to make your hunting getaway true paradise.

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