10 tips for your website to load fast based on WordPress


10 tips for your website to load fast based on WordPress

We can say without fear of contradiction that in recent years the web-based WordPress has grown so much that it has become a trend. The use of this CMS as base engine for websites usually facilitates the task of development in many ways, but if the CMS is not used knowingly, its use can be harmful.

In MLG Design we carried just web developments and designs based on WordPress and always trying to improve the service offered by this CMS. Therefore, we usually apply a number of strategies to polish the maximum and meet a series of prerequisites. That fits to any device, which is friendly with indexing in search engines like Google and of course, loads fast.


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Of the latter it is what we speak here today. We will leave 10 tricks (from among the many there) that can greatly reduce the time of your WordPress based website.

Analyzes the loading time of your site based on WordPress

Before starting to fix any problem it is always advisable to check the severity of the problem. So the first thing you must do if you want to improve the loading time of your website is to analyze and get the necessary data. On the Internet we have a fairly large collection of applications that will measure the load time of your website, but to name a few we recommend GTMetrix, Google Speed ​​Insights, Load Impact or Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test.

Choose a suitable hosting provider

This is usually one of the most important factors in determining whether a website will load slower or faster. Choosing a bad hosting can make the lightest web page, load the slower way. However, the clear question is what hosting company chooses? The answer has to look considering a number of factors, but in advance discards those hosting plans too cheap. You have to think about your needs, whether your site is large or small, if you need more or less width band where you want to locate the server and if those servers are prepared to host a web-based WordPress. With this last point we must be vigilant. And do not forget to host your website on a hosting company that has a quality service to quickly resolve any issues.

Use lighter designs

The advice we give here is that your web design fits your actual contents. Do not use very complex designs with many effects if it is not strictly necessary. Note to users and do not overload your page with items not going to use and you will not be useful. And of course uses topics or optimized designs developed by experts and WordPress.

Eliminates unnecessary plugins

This is one of the hot spots to keep in mind. You do not want to use all plugins of the world simply because they “are cool”. This is a maxim among those who develop web projects based on WordPress. Use the necessary plugins and eliminates the rest. For instance, do not use a plugin to integrate every social network if you have one that integrates all social networks.

Optimize images for your web

This is a must. Do not carry heavy images on your website based on WordPress. Optimize fully with any photo editing program. Do not weigh anything without losing quality. There are many methods and tutorials online that can help you serve. But we repeat. In your WordPress based website, please light images.

Optimize your CSS files and JavaScript

As with the images, with the CSS and Javascript files files, you should reduce or eliminate those that do not use. Delete all blank you may have in your code. There are plugins that can help you perform this task if you do not understand programming languages, but as always, be careful with the tools and plugins you use. In inexperienced hands can cause permanent damage to your web-based WordPress.

Cache installs a plugin

This is highly recommended for several reasons, but the most important is to reduce data traffic on your website based on WordPress. We are concerned that if a user who has already been to our website, the revisits, you load most quickly as possible and if our page is a web-based WordPress updated only some sections, why we’re going to make this user to load the whole page each time you enter? With plugins like W3 Total Cache can reduce the load time of our web significantly. There are others and as always, it is best to assess the options and stay with that fits our needs.

Optimize your database

This is a practice that very few take place but it is very useful. We have to clean the database every X time to eliminate all types of waste that can leave comments, SPAM, etc. If you cannot move around phpMyAdmin we recommend that you seek a plugin facilitate this work.

Eliminates unnecessary external links Scripts

Sometimes this is not possible, because we lack, but we can always stay with the essentials. But beware plugins social networking and video plugins. Scripts often contain links to other servers that are and can get to slow down any WordPress based website dramatically.

Place the Javascripts in the footer

This is a very useful practice and that many are not working. Place calls to CSS files in the Head of your website, but no calls to Javascripts. These calls put them in the footer. The reason is very simple. This way your site will always load the structure and design at first, making a visit to the user without having to wait answer calls to Javascript, which can always be slower nicer.

Ultimately 10 tricks or tips that are very valid and can considerably reduce the load time of your website based on WordPress.

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