What works in Web Design?

Web Design

What works in Web Design?

If you are an athlete, a singer, a painter or an artist of any media, you need to sell your image, or sell on your site, downloading movies, music or ring tones, then you can flaunt design your website with the urge to impress your fans or visitors.

But if on the contrary beam created your page to take advantage of the Internet as a sales channel to sell your products or services, and intend to brag design your visitors with excess flash animations or use of graphics and where your prospects have to guess where it is, what you are looking for, either because the information is hidden too many clicks depth or because you have to guess the button operation, with menus of the website that are complex and generally a difficult place to navigate because this very sophisticated designed to impress, Impress Sell thinking when this on the Internet does not work and is the easiest and fastest way to fail. 

Web Design

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Internet time is your biggest enemy is proven that the first 10 seconds are crucial to arouse interest or rejection of your prospects, but manage to catch the attention of your visitors by giving them exactly what they are looking for is irremediably marching to your competition, without having even seen what you are looking for , is there and you have it in your business, so your website has to be simple but elegant, easy to navigate and with a very careful text grammatical errors. Your website should be:

Easy to navigate: Whenever you think about improving your website you think it easy to navigate, attractive and professional, so the best strategy is to put yourself in the shoes of your prospects, yourself questions as a visitor but, as you would find what you’re looking ? Visit other websites and see what is right and what is wrong, do not ask that you copy them, try to adapt your way on your site

Updated constantly: Update to your homepage regularly, like a store window it were, because otherwise you run the risk that your visitors think they are not doing anything to offer something new in them can include news of interest, special promotions, new products or services available, in order must let you know that these a day with the latest trends in the sector, with this greater probability that your prospect returns to your business you are assured.

Keep your site updated should not pose for you a headache, it is advisable if you plan to constantly renew the contents of your website, this made ​​dynamically, not HTML, since updating can become a huge and heavy load, make your dynamic website involves making the update process of any type of content an easy process.

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Simple but elegant: Without your page was not designed with the objective to promote your products or services through organic search engine optimization, then it sounds lapidary, and costing you accept it, your website is badly done, and every effort you make or you advise doing some pseudo-experts in search engine marketing (SEO) for example, can register yourself in 800 search engines, will almost to 100% a scam and totally counterproductive and useless.

The surest way to correct these failures of structural design is to redesign the entire website, a specialist design and online marketing experts generally professionals have a multidisciplinary team with this you ensure that applied in the development or redevelopment of the site, Intelligent Design, in which the simple but elegant to achieve your goal as it is to generate new business opportunities in your niche are conjugated through your website.

If you are thinking of designing your web hires professional page, but if you already have designed and do not get the results you expect, then I invite you to make an honest analysis of your web site, if possible hire an “Expert in Business Development Internet”, to help you determine what is failing.

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