How to make a homemade bridal bouquet in 5 steps

bridal bouquet

How to make a homemade bridal bouquet in 5 steps

Do you want to take your bouquet of flowers completely made for you on the day of your wedding; a homemade bridal bouquet? It’s something that I personally like a lot. And I’m sure you’ll take much more care, having done it 100%.

It is not complicated at all; if you are a little skilled, and you have clear ideas about how you want your bridal bouquet to be, I explain in just 5 steps how you can make your own bouquet for your wedding. Do you dare to do also that of your bridesmaids?

The 5 most important things you should know to make your homemade bridal bouquet

bridal bouquet

I advise you, before launching yourself to buy flowers, have very clear how you want to make your homemade bridal bouquet. In this article of our blog, you can find ideas and trends for this year 2018.

The same thing I tell you when choosing flowers. In this article of our blog I talk about the most common flowers, and also those that are trend, in bridal bouquets.

My advice is that, if you are determined to make your own homemade bridal bouquet, take your time. Start thinking about him a long time before your wedding celebration. You have to take into account a series of details, which I will now explain to you, and that is not decided from one day to the next.bridal bouquet

Your homemade bridal bouquet, or not, is part of the set that everyone will admire on the most important day of your life. Therefore, do not take it lightly.

I already know that flowers are not cheap, precisely. And more, when you decide on the ones that are more expensive. You can try making tests with artificial flowers; they will give you an idea of the final result.

But, still, I advise you to also talk with the florist who will supply you with the rest of your wedding flowers. Tell them you want to build your bouquet; maybe, they can sell you the flowers at a good price. I’m telling you this because, imagine, for whatever it is, your wedding day arrives and you have no bouquet. If they are notified, they will prepare it for you.

bridal bouquet

Let’s see these 5 details that you should keep in mind when planning and building your own homemade bridal bouquet …

The predominant flowers

If you are going to make your homemade bridal bouquet, and you want to put a variety of flowers, you should choose a type of flower that has a thick and resistant stem. Also, they have to be long-stemmed. It is true that you will cut it, but even so, it has to be very resistant so that your bouquet does not break.

bridal bouquet

I advise you to choose seasonal flowers. For example, a flower much in demand by brides is the peony. The peonies, which, by the way, are beautiful flowers, have a very short life. You can only get them in Spring.

Between this circumstance, and the fact that many brides demand them, in the end they become too expensive flowers. And if you’re out of season, they’re still much more expensive.

bridal bouquet

As main flowers, in addition, you can take into account all these …

  • Roses: They are timeless and a classic for a bridal bouquet.
  • Hydrangeas: Totally in trend in this year 2018. Very economical and easy to find at any time of the year.
  • Orchids: You have a wide variety of these flowers throughout the year.
  • Lilies: Are very common flowers for a bridal bouquet, why not think about this delicate flower for your homemade bridal bouquet?
  • Gerberas: The maximum expression of simplicity and bright colors.
  • Sunflowers: Huge flowers, colorful and also cheap. Although, they are seasonal.

bridal bouquet

Whatever your choice, do not forget that they must have a long and very resistant stem. Whether you decide to make a bouquet, or if you are thinking of a more carefree bouquet, you have to keep in mind the consistency it must have.

The secondary flowers

You may want to mix large (or main) flowers with small (or secondary) flowers in your homemade bridal bouquet. In that case, you have to keep in mind that this type of flower mix requires more skill on your part.

bridal bouquet

But, even so, they are so pretty that I’m sure you’ll have a spectacular bouquet. As secondary flowers, I advise you to choose small roses, bouquets of roses or freesias, which are small flowers very showy and really pretty.

Nor can you forget the filling flowers; they are especially beautiful dotted between the main and secondary flowers. You can use the paniculata, which is very fashionable now. Or, also, if you want to be more original, bet on buds or berries. They remain precious in a varied bouquet.

bridal bouquet

Colors of the flowers

It is very important that you choose the color correctly, or colors, that you will wear in your homemade bridal bouquet. I always tell you that the most important thing is how you feel; never give up your style.

bridal bouquet

However, there are some “rules” that you should know about. If your wedding dress is spectacular, because it is very elaborate and takes a lot of sewing and / or embroidery work, give it all the prominence. Do not dress yourself with a bouquet of bright colors; it does not fit.

The classic colors of a bridal bouquet are white, cream, rosewood and peach. Of course, never take your bridal bouquet the same color as your dress; it would be horrible, because I would not highlight anything in the photos or the natural.

bridal bouquet

An advantage for you is that flowers of similar colors are easier to combine and combine in your home bridal bouquet. Choose these color combinations …

  • Yellow with violet
  • Blue with orange
  • Red with green

And, if you want to bring a bouquet of a thousand colors and very striking flowers, go ahead! Do not forget that if your dress is simple you will be beautiful.

The size of the bouquet

Here you have to take into account several important details. If you like big flowers, think about where you will celebrate your wedding. A bouquet of generous flowers does not look good in small rooms; it’s kind of funky. It is perfect in a large church, or on a beach.

bridal bouquet

Also, you have to keep in mind that you will carry the bouquet for a long time. Search, first of all, your comfort.

The diameters of most bridal bouquets range between 20 and 33 centimeters. Anyway, a rule of thumb is that your homemade bridal bouquet is wider than your waist. With that data, this convinced that you will build an especially beautiful bouquet.

How to keep your flowers until you use them

This is a tip that I give you so that your homemade bridal bouquet looks impeccable on the day of your wedding. You must cut the stems at an angle of about 45º and about 3 centimeters from the end.

bridal bouquet

Put them in a bowl of cold water; being cut as I explain above, absorb the water without bubbles forming in the stem. You can also buy some product to dissolve in the water, which allows you to keep the flowers for longer. They sell it to you in any florist shop.

Never cut the stems completely until you finish your bouquet.

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