Wedding invitations: Top 10 mistakes not to do

Wedding invitations

Wedding invitations: Top 10 mistakes not to do

If you are preparing your wedding invitations, pay attention to these 10 mistakes that lurk around the corner. Choose the most beautiful and elegant holdings is already much, but it is not everything. Because your wedding invitations are truly impeccable, you will have to stand the test of 10: 10 mistakes to avoid when choosing, writing, order and delivery. That’s what!

1. Confusing participation and invitation

Participation, as the name implies, is an invitation to “participate” in the ceremony, not necessarily at the reception. The invitation to the banquet requires another ticket, smaller, to be added in the envelope (which must remain open) with a request for confirmation.

2. Lose the overview

Entries should not be an isolated entity, but rather an important part of a wider section, which includes thank-you notes, menus, table of marriage, cards and labels for wedding favors … the following points should be coordinated, to give the marriage an aspect attention to every detail.

Wedding invitations

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3. Neglecting the envelope

The header on the envelope says much more than it seems. You want your friends are in couples without children. Addressed participation in “Maria and Marco Rossi,” not the “Smith family”. That otherwise will feel (rightly) authority to present with children in tow.

4. Forget addresses and references

Without the address of the church or the town hall that will host the ceremony, your holdings will be thrown out. Unless you want to force your guests to a treasure hunt up and down the city. Always check carefully also the accuracy of small “details” as the house number: in some cases, it is a mistake that can cost kilometers of travel!

5. Omit the new residence

Although both still live with their parents (whose house is always indicated), someone might verve deliver your gift in the new home : always clearly indicated where it is.

Wedding invitations

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6. Do not require a test

Before you send to print 200 invitations with some typo or worse with the wrong date, always ask to see a copy of the test. Only then you will be ready to say “see, you die!”

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7. Send overdue investments

It’s a classic on which they fall into many. To be rigorous should be delivered with several months in advance (between 6 and 3), but there is no minimum limit be postponed: in the six weeks notice you will be branded as laggards. They may have already in many other programs.

8. Deliver “third parties”

Etiquette would like investments were delivered in person one by one, but this could prove a real tour! Try to reduce the number gathering more people at a time (for example, friends or colleagues), and dusting off the old custom of ship investments by mail (NOT e). But never, never entrust participation in anyone asking to deliver it to your place would be like telling the recipient that you do not have time for it.

Wedding invitations

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9. Give titles

The various Dott., Ing., Prof. & co. I am not a sign of respect, but a lack of style in every respect. Name and surname are the only two personal data to be entered. The only exception? The invited members of the weapon or the clergy.

10. Report the wedding list

Do not do it! We have said many times, but the recommendations are not enough: to add the details of the wedding list in participation is the least we can do elegant. A little as saying: “I’m afraid you cannot introduce Gift”. Really out, do not you?

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