Choosing a photographer for your wedding?

Wedding Photography

Choosing a photographer for your wedding?

One of the best investments you can make in your wedding is photography and video. All physical evidence of the celebration and joy you brought your wedding is elementary.

Photographs revive unique moments, capture the spirit and essence of the event. Share them with your family and friends who could not attend a very special gesture. Wedding photographs are well taken a gift for future generations.

Wedding Photography

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How to achieve quality? How you can ensure that the most memorable moments are captured?

  • You must be talking to your boyfriend about the type of photography they want and how they would like the video (if you want one). It is important that you first reach an agreement to give correct instructions to the photographer.
  • Converses with two or more photographers. This allows you to have different views, later to choose the service that best fit.
  • The day of the event avoid seeing the camera directly, unless it be postnasal pictures with guests. The result is more artistic photographs.
  • The place should be properly illuminated. The diffuse light makes photos look more natural, and if the lighting of the place is direct, then photographers have to use a lot of artificial light (flash) and the result will not be very good.
  • The cost of the service depends on the professional photography you contract. Normally, good quality translates into higher costs, but it has secured an excellent job.
  • If you do not have enough budget, there is always a relative or friend who are amateur photographers and will be very excited to collaborate.
  • Another option is to collect your guests take pictures. Ask them to use a # hashtag to label your wedding photos in different social networks like facebook or instagram. Then you can create a printed album with the best photos and surely they will be excited that you invited to participate.

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For the video you can take into account the same advice above. Make sure that the format is right for you can play back later or share it on social networks.

Do not forget to make clear to the provider your tastes, ideas and different aspects of the issue (eg background music), that is the best way to ensure that the final product is to your satisfaction.

Host a previous session photos

Organize a photo shoot before the wedding can be useful for your photographer.

You can do it in a park, a museum, on the street or in a special place for you and your boyfriend.

This session helps photographers to meet the couple and to eliminate the tension of the days before the wedding, you’ll also different and unique pictures.

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