Solar Windows Anyone? The Latest Green Innovations

Solar Windows Anyone? The Latest Green Innovations

Inventors across the world are working tirelessly to bring the newest green inventions to our door, so what’s set to arrive in the coming years?

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Diamond Batteries

Researchers and scientists from the University of Bristol were tasked with finding a use for nuclear waste and in the process have created a battery which can last for 5,730 years. Whilst it may not be due on the market for a number of years, the diamond battery is set to be life-changing when it arrives.

By utilising carbon-14, researchers have created a ‘diamond battery’ with Nickel-63 as the source of radiation.

Through high-pressure temperatures, this gas is converted into an artificial diamond with a normal diamond on top to ensure it’s absorbing any leaks.

According to Forbes, these will be most useful for things such as pacemakers, spaceships and satellites.

The Jetsons

A company called Arconic has put forward the concept of a future city that has a smog-eating skyscraper right in the centre. The building, which will be three miles high, uses EcoClean technology to create a 10,000-square-feet coating which involves the air-cleansing power of 80 trees. The EcoClean coating captures and breaks down pollutants in the air and doesn’t itself have to be cleaned.

Solar Windows

Solar windows are a new concept and look set to be 50 times more productive compared to regular roof-based solar technology. The product that’s currently in production involves adding layers of generating coatings to glass. Lamination of this glass then takes place before levels of high pressure are applied, which means the new product is able to create a veneer that will produce electricity. Whilst it’s not available yet, the hope is these flexible windows can be used on skyscrapers, turning them into tall power generators. They may also be used on vehicles such as aircraft and cars in future.

Whilst these green inventions may still be a short while away, there’s plenty you can be doing on your own to be more energy-efficient whilst we wait for new technology to land. There’s plenty of scope, whether you’re looking for bay windows in Glasgow or French doors in Dublin, such as those from http://www.keanewindows.ie/french-doors.html.

It’s time to put our planet and energy bills first, and experts are certainly working on both.

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