What are the strange noises coming from your boiler?

What are the strange noises coming from your boiler?

If your boiler is making strange noises this could be a cause for concern. The boiler is a highly important unit in your home, as it is needed to heat your property and provide you with hot water. Read on for tips on what to do if your boiler is making strange noises.

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Strange boiler noises might not mean anything is wrong right now, but in the near future it might break down. By acting quickly you can pre-empt a problem and save money on repairs in the future.

Banging Noises

The first thing to do is assess the noises. The reasons for the noise could include a lime-scale build up, sludge or perhaps a blockage. If it is a banging noise it can mean the flow of water has been restricted. Normally the water pressure will release itself through the expansion pipe or safety valve, but if there is a problem, it might not be able to release the pressure which could cause noises.


The best thing to do is to call an engineer to deal with the problem. The way to avoid a problem in the first place is to have your boiler serviced regularly by experts. Expert engineers can provide boiler servicing in all areas of the country to ensure your boiler is always kept in good condition. 

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Whistling Noises

If there is a whistling noise like a kettle, there is likely to be air trapped in the system. It can also mean a build-up of lime-scale in the heat exchanger in the boiler. This is quite a simple problem to fix, however if left alone, the problem will worsen and eventually cause the boiler to stop working. If off course your boiler is unfixable or you simply fancy an upgrade you could contact a Boiler installation Monmouth company like the ones at greenplanetheating. They will assist you in finding the right product for you!
Although it is best to get an engineer to look at your boiler if there are strange noises, British Gas recommends a few things you can do to diagnose and fix simple problems with your boiler.

Low Screaming

A clunking or screaming noise can mean an internal fan problem. The bearings of the fan can dry out and eventually it will seize up and need replacement. 

Finally, you might have an issue with the pump, which circulates water through the system. If this is the case, the pump might be losing power which could create some strange noises

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