Buy less but buy better, the golden rule


Buy less but buy better, the golden rule

The power purchase gives us security, makes us feel we move in the right direction in society. This results in a wardrobe in which nothing is missing, a car cool and a house magazine. The problem is that for some people this results in a compulsive consumption in a real addiction to shopping.

When you feel better spending, and it is even able to park for a moment their problems while doing shopping, most likely you end up with the card fuming. So buy less but buy better could free us and help us enjoy more of what we have. Interestingly, the best things in life are not expensive. Yes, I know it sounds cliché, but that does not stop being less true.


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Not all that glitters is gold

I’m not saying you have to be always like this , imagine a honeymoon in a resort super luxury like Six Senses must be quite a religious experience , but gives enough to think that in these places bet on the less is more and you staying in cabins, you get to eat fruit and fresh fish, you can spend all day in sarong and swimsuit, and that the best time is watching the sun at sea. Probably because the real luxury has nothing to do with the glitter or the bling bling but with simple and authentic things like have time and quiet to enjoy them.

As I write these thoughts I just came to mind that perhaps the only exception to this maxim is in furniture Ikea. Admittedly, since Ikea came to our lives there are no bad or ugly houses furnished – though now in all apartments the same tables Billy look. But is that, although it is one of the most polluting companies Worldwide! but the prices can not be more tempting (although that rescued furniture or an assault not last).

How good the best

The only thing I can say is that I chose not to buy anything without thought well have told me, at least, a couple of times and that in life to enjoy greater freedom must learn to shed weight. No use having several crockery and glassware. Better to have a daily and to be able to enjoy without fear that we will break or spoil. Yes, it has to be so good and so nice that we can use both when we are alone as when friends come to visit. And everything else like that.

What good is having the bathroom cabinet full of potions? It is better to buy good best and consume until there remains not a drop: the best moisturizer, the best body milk, the best shampoo that we can afford to have a lot of boats if not used just breaking down and there to throw.

Because I’m poor, I buy expensive

My mother had a friend who used to say that of: “Because I’m poor, I buy expensive!”. A saying that always caught my attention. Perhaps because the lady in question did not seem precise that he was going needs. Over time, I have finished understanding the meaning of those words that do not reflect anything but cheap is expensive as is often made ​​worse, and when broken or damaged before lasts less.

Many times, we prefer to pay less for certain products like clothes or shoes because we like to vary and have to choose from. We tend to think that what we cost about brand shoes maybe we can buy two or three pairs of other lesser known brand, but whose design is quite similar to that we had liked at first without stopping to think whether the quality of the skin is the same or if we are going to last as long as those costing three times.

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Is not always that way. There are brands whose value is very good, and there are brands whose product is more expensive because its stores are in very commercial streets and you have to pay rent, or because also paid marketing, advertising and even the packaging and the bags where we deliver the purchase just made. Jared has a section that we called “Cloned and plundered” where we show every week cheapest reinterpretations of pieces cult of large firms.

Great evils great remedies

I do not know if it ‘s anything of this persistent crisis came ago about a decade and is unlikely to disappear from our horizon (At least for now!), But increasingly more affluent people who have chosen to put the good face.

I mean, like a car depreciates right out of the dealership, with jewels is the same. Now the cool and smart to buy watches and jewelry certified pre- owned. Especially diamonds or other gemstones that do not wear logos of any kind. Another fairly common practice is to buy pre – owned bags used. The most scrupulous wait for big brands like Hermès (not usually do discounts) by renewing its collections carry the above Leftover season to their own outlets where you can buy their famous carrés, absolutely timeless, with a 30% discount.

As you can see, a great great evils remedies but without having to give up at any time to quality and warranty that provides know – how acquired over many years, because time has shown that the quality of the cheap stuff just happening bill, forcing replace many of these objects before provisions. Remember that it is not gold that glitters!

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