10 ideas to generate recurring passive income

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10 ideas to generate recurring passive income

Most people only know two ways of life: working for others for 40 hours a week, without being able to choose what they want to do or how much to earn, or having their own business and putting all their efforts into making it profitable.

What if I told you that there is a third option in which you do not need to invest your time, and where the money enters your pocket without having to do anything yourself?

Welcome to the world of recurring passive income.

A few years ago, I started a business that did not turn out as expected: it had no benefits, but the costs to maintain it were high, and it consumed most of my time and efforts.

But what if you don’t have the time or energy to work those extra hours? I certainly didn’t have it.

And I also didn’t want to sacrifice my free time to make someone else earn money at the cost of my work while I couldn’t enjoy my wife and son.

If you don’t want to remain a slave to traditional jobs either, and you would like to start generating income from your home working only one hour a day, keep reading this guide that I have prepared for you.

What is passive income?

If you’ve reached this article looking for ways to generate recurring passive income, you probably already know what they are.

But just in case you are a little clueless or clueless, here I will give you a little explanation so that you understand.

Passive income is that income in which you do not need to do anything or be present for it to occur. You must first create and work on them in order to sell them.

But once you have done this, you will not need to do anything else to get benefits. That’s why passive income is so attractive to many people today:

  • With passive income you earn more by working less: in a normal job, you must work 40 hours or more to earn a fixed salary. With passive income, you just have to get used to creating the product at first, and then you don’t need to do anything else.
  • They are an opportunity to have your own lifestyle: with a business or a traditional job you must work a marked number of hours each day. On the other hand, with passive income you have all the time you want to invest it in what you prefer by not needing your physical presence.
  • They give you personal freedom: apart from giving, you the opportunity to have the lifestyle you want, with passive income you will have the freedom of not having to answer to anyone like your boss or other coworkers. You will only have to answer to your clients.

Many people think that when talking about passive income, it can only be created online, but it is not.

If you have a house or premises, and you rent it , that is a passive income too, because you do not have to be there for that to generate profits.

If you are an insurance salesman, and every time someone renews the contract you made, you get a commission for it, that is also passive income.

So as you can see, there are many ways to generate this type of money both online and offline.

But here today I am going to teach you 10 different methods of obtaining this income only online, and from the comfort of your home.

10 ways to generate recurring passive income from home

1. Creating your own blog

Creating a blog is not a way to generate recurring passive income as such. But this is the best platform you can start with, and where you can use different methods combined to get more out of it.

There are sites like Bluehost where you can create a blog with your domain name very easily by installing WordPress and customizing the design as you like.

Then you just need to think about a topic for your blog, start writing articles on that topic, and choose how you want to monetize it.

There is only one thing to keep in mind: that a blog is a way to earn money that requires spending a lot of time at the beginning.

You need to gain the trust of your readers and publish quality content if you want to generate passive income with it.

But look at it on the positive side: you will be working on something that you have chosen, that you enjoy and that you like, and it is not necessary to have experience or great knowledge to start it.

Also, you only have to make that effort at first; When you get a good number of visits you will only need to spend a few hours each week to update your page while the rest of the time your blog generates money for you.

In a blog you can combine all the methods you want to get passive income with it, such as ads, affiliate links, selling your own digital products …

2. Investing with IQ Option

Investing through the Internet is also a good way to generate recurring passive income and get a good amount of money every month.

With binary options, it is not necessary to have great knowledge about the stock market or wait for days to see results.

You just have to predict whether an asset type will rise or fall, nothing more. Then you just have to make your prediction, and wait for the result.

In addition, there are brokers like IQ Option with which you can start trading with just a couple of dollars.

I started by investing only $ 3 in each operation from my home using my computer, and little by little I learned how this system worked.

After a couple of months, I managed to generate $ 1,843 in a single month.

3. Selling stock photos

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take a photo, upload it to the Internet, and earn money doing nothing every time someone buys it?

You just have to register in any of them (or all at the same time), register for free, and start uploading your images by writing a good title or a good description for each one.

Make sure you read the conditions of each page well, and that your photos are beautiful and look good, and every time someone buys them, you will take part of the profits.

You don’t need to have a professional camera or any other kind of material: with your smartphone (if you take good pictures) and any nice place you know will suffice.

You can for example go to a park in your city to take photos, aim the lens at the sky when it is clearer, or even capture images of objects that you think are funny or cute.

With a single photo, it will not be enough to get good passive income: you need to upload as many as you can so that you have more possibilities of generating good sales.

4. Creating a payment community

More and more companies and web pages are implementing this system to generate passive income.

What it is about is creating an online community in which you offer monthly subscriptions that your visitors can purchase to access certain content.

An example: my wife is hooked on the American kitchen, and she loves to bake typical sweets from there such as cupcakes, muffins or brownies; that’s why he reads many blogs where recipes are published to make them.

One of those blogs publishes a couple of recipes written every week that everyone can read for free.

But it also has a paid community in which my wife pays $ 15 each month, and in return they send her cooking tips and four recipes written with videos explaining how they are prepared each week.

Those recipes with their videos do not appear on the blog for free: they can only be accessed by people who pay the monthly subscription. This is how this method works.

The important thing to create a paid community is that the service or product you offer has a good quality so that your clients renew their subscriptions every month.

5. Writing electronic or paper books

Most professional writers are adept at generating recurring passive income – they spend weeks or months writing a book, putting it up for sale, and then enjoying the benefits of sales for years.

Why don’t you do the same? Now you may not be a well-known writer and writer, and you can’t make a million dollars with your first novel.

But you can start making money little by little publishing books if you like to write and you are a creative person.

Decide which topics you like the most or what types of stories you have in mind: romance novels, science fiction, self-help books, business …

Get in front of your computer and start typing them; When your first draft is finished, you can take it to a publisher, or self-publish it online.

After that you won’t have to work anymore. Every time someone buys your book, you will receive the benefits of that sale and you can continue to earn income from it for years.

6. Selling templates or tools online

If you have a computer and the ability to create different digital resources with it, this can be a great way to earn recurring passive income.

It is about creating different online tools, such as plugins and widgets for blogs, or templates for web pages that you can then sell to all those who want to optimize their sites on the Internet.

If you know how to design web pages, you can create different themes for sites that use WordPress and Blogger, upload them to platforms like ThemeForest, and sell your creations there.

She has a resources section where she sells all kinds of different templates for which it is not necessary to know anything about graphic design, such as templates to create job resumes, for Facebook posts …

You only need to work a few hours on this type of material, upload it to your own page or to other websites where you can register as a seller, and receive money from your buyers every time someone buys one of these tools.

7. Creating online courses

Do your friends and family always praise you for something you know how to do very well? Then teach others that special skill you have by creating your own online course.

With this method to generate recurring passive income you will have to do a little work at the beginning while preparing the course.

But the great advantage is that once done, you will be able to sell it over and over again and make profit automatically without effort.

There are many online courses that you can create depending on your skills: learning to cook, playing an instrument, speaking, teaching makeup, how to use a computer program …

You can offer these types of courses in different formats, such as video, audio only , or in writing in a PDF file, and sell them on web pages such as Tutellus, Udemy, or on your own blog.

When I first became interested in passive income, this was one of the first methods I used, and my best online course now generates more than $ 1,832 for me every week without having to work on it.

8. Selling your own podcasts

Podcasts are just like a radio show, only they are uploaded to the Internet and can be listened to online or downloaded to listen to them whenever and wherever you want.

In addition, the great advantage of these publications is that they do not require to be 100% focused on them as is the case with a written article.

You can download a podcast to your phone and listen to it on the way to work, or put it on your computer while doing other tasks without paying too much attention to it.

That is why it is an excellent complement to a blog to generate passive income with it: you can sell podcasts to your readers in which you talk about topics that you do not cover in the articles on your page.

It is an idea similar to that of creating a paid community, only here what you will offer will be a sound file with quality content recorded by you.

You don’t need much to create your podcasts: with a computer microphone you can record your voice, and with free audio editing programs like Audacity you can add or remove other sound elements.

Then you just need to upload them to your blog and sell them well with a fixed price, or through a subscription of some kind (weekly, monthly, daily …).

9. Enrolling in affiliate programs

Affiliate programs are a very simple system to generate recurring passive income, and it is one of the ways in which bloggers today get their highest profits.

They consist of promoting products of other people or companies through a link that they will give you only for you and, if someone buys that product with your link, you will get a commission of the total price of the sale.

An example: you sign up for an affiliate program that sells books online and where they offer 40% of the commissions you make for yourself.

If someone clicks on your affiliate link, and buys a book that costs $ 37, you will earn $ 14.80, which is 40% of the total for that sale.

The sites where you can promote affiliate products are on your own blog or website, but also on social networks like Facebook or Twitter, or on sites like forums and online communities.

There are many pages to earn money being an affiliate, but the two that have always worked best for me have been ClickBank and Amazon.

10. Placing advertising and announcements on your blog

The method with which most bloggers start generating income online is by adding small ads to their blogs in different parts, such as in the menu on the right of the website or at the end of each article.

The most popular platform to start with is usually Google AdSense, but there are also other sites such as PropellerAds or directly contacting companies to advertise them on your blog with which you can get it.

This works like this: every time a certain number of people see that ad, or click on it, they will give you a percentage of the earnings that the advertiser has paid to display their article.

So here it is very important that you write new content for your blog frequently (for example, three or four articles every week) in order to attract more visitors and click on the ads.

Working differently is possible, but you have to start thinking differently from others and abandon the mindset you have of the 40-hour-a-week workday.

Forget about being a slave to time and other people to earn a living, and start looking for ways to generate recurring passive income TODAY. The longer you are, the more money you will be losing!

Which of these methods do you find more attractive to earn income from home? Tell me what you think with a comment below.

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