Blake Rubin – Avoid Injuries with Safety Upgrades to Your Car

Blake Rubin – Avoid Injuries with Safety Upgrades to Your Car

If you have been injured in a car crash caused by a third party, a lawyer with personal injury experience like Blake Rubin may be able to help you obtain compensation for your injuries. While this compensation may help to manage the costs and ongoing pain and suffering caused by a car crash, everyone would agree that it preferable to avoid the crash in the first place.  And it goes without saying that you never want to be the person who caused an injury to someone else. New vehicles have integrated technology to help drivers avoid crashes, but unfortunately many older vehicles do not come with these technologies.  However, with a relatively small investment and a bit of time, you can do a great deal to improve the safety profile of your older vehicle. 

Change your tires

Tires are one of the most important elements in improving the safety profile of your car.  This is because your tires are the only part of the vehicle to touch the road, and even then only a small part of the surface of the tire actually touches the road at any one time.  No matter what anti-crash technology your car comes with, it will only be as effective as your tires.  Whether you are driving an older model or a brand new car fresh off the lot, one of the easiest ways to increase both the safety and the performance of your car is by investing in the best tires that you can afford.

Install adaptive cruise control and collision mitigation systems

While this technology is becoming standard on new vehicles, it can also be installed on many older models as well.  Adaptive cruise control systems help to maintain a safe distance between yourself and the car ahead of you by adjusting the set speed when you get too close.  Collision mitigation technology will slam on the brakes if it detects an object in front of you and you do not respond to the alert that the system issues.

Backup camera systems

These mounted camera systems can be easily installed and are definite life-savers.  They allow you to see clearly what is behind you as you backup via a display on your dashboard.  This helps with tricky parking situations, but more importantly, if helps you see and avoid oncoming traffic as you are reversing onto a street, as well as pedestrians who may step behind your car in the moment after you checked your rear-view mirror.

Sway Bars

Sway bars are also known as “anti-roll bars” and can add a great deal of stability and maneuverability to your car, allowing you to avoid accidents more easily.  They work by reinforcing the physical connection between the left and right sides of your car, and reduce the chance that your car will roll over if you need to make a very sharp turn to avoid an object in front of you.

The best way to avoid finding yourself in a lawyer’s office seeking compensation for medical bills and other costs associated with an injury sustained in an accident, or being sued by someone that you have injured, is to avoid accidents in the first place.  Upgrades to your car’s system are relatively affordable and should definitely be considered whenever possible.

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