Sick homes of the rich and famous

Sick homes of the rich and famous

In a rough and tumble world, our home is a place that is meant to serve as a refuge from its pressures. As modest as they are, we make them luxurious in our own way so that we can have a spot we yearn to return to after giving it our all at work.

Still, it is fun to dream of what could be if that Powerball ticket hit, or if our Shark Tank idea became the latest consumer sensation.

John Kleinheinz Fort Worth has always been a fan of amazing houses, and it was this daydream fuel which helped him claw his way to success in the financial industry.

These days, he has a fabulous estate himself, and he drew inspiration for it from admiring other homes of the rich and famous.

It is a pad that allows him to relax and unwind like a king after a tough day of trading, paid for through the lessons he learned throughout his entire career.

Want to dream big like he does? In this post, we’ll drool over some of the gaudiest houses in America – from internet magnates to movie stars, they have some truly sick places to call home…

1) Jeff Bezos (Washington DC)

The king of Internet commerce has come a long way from the early days, where his sole goal was to hawk books through this new platform known as the World Wide Web.

Since the late 90’s, he has taken over commerce in general, with consumers opting to do the bulk of their shopping via his platform.

Lately, he has decided to move closer to the heart of American power, buying a pair of brick mansions in Washington DC for $23 million.

Situated in the same neighborhood as the Obamas and Jared Kushner/Ivanka Trump, these buidings used to be the home of a Textile Museum operated by George Washington University.

It will take a bit of work before he can move in, but with a lush garden out back and stunning retro architecture inside, it is sure to be a stunner when finished.

2) Michael Jordan (Chicago, IL)

The greatest basketball player of all time has a sprawling mansion in the Chicago land area known for its excess.

This is probably a lead contributor to the problems he has had trying to sell it (the asking price has fallen from $29 million to $14.8 million over three years of being on the market), but if you could buy it, wouldn’t you?

Let’s go over a few features: it is a 56,000 square foot property, with the mansion itself built in the post-modernist style, with contemporary and minimalist furnishings within.

There is a cigar/poker room, home theater, workout gym, basketball court inside and out, and garage with room for 14 cars? Excuse us while go to the bank for a loan…

3) Bill Gates (Medina, WA)

As the inventor of the world’s most dominant operating system and one of its most active philanthropists, you better believe that Bill Gates has a banging pad.

Called Xanadu 2.0 after a character in Citizen Kane, this $123 million, fully-smart home (automatic adjustments of lighting and climate control for guests) has digital portraits, a pool with an underwater music system, a trampoline room (gotta keep jumping over chairs somehow!), and so much more.

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