Marriage in Farmhouse

Wedding Reception

Marriage in Farmhouse

Organize a wedding reception on a farm can be a fun and new, able to give unique sensations. Wholesome food, tradition, family warmth and nature are the right ingredients for a reception “rural” really

Service is important

When choosing your holiday, be careful not to underestimate the service. Some properties, if not properly organized, could find themselves in trouble on this front. So inquire about how they intend to organize the service at the tables and the kitchen, to avoid running into improvised solutions that could embarrass the performance of your wedding reception. A staff commensurate with the number of your guests and previous experience of weddings are important signals of reliability that is legitimate demand of those who organize the receipt of your “best day”.

Wedding Reception

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Reach ability

In nature does not mean lost in the mountains! In the choice of the structure, try to keep in mind even as the farm is reached. And mathematician that a certain percentage of your guests will be lost to the road and a difficult path will only increase the number of “missing”. If you choose facilities in remote, try to properly evaluate the time to reach them so that your reception will not be penalized.

The curiosity

The reception on a farm can be supported by many activities you can offer your guests: a dip in the pool, play some pool, a visit to the cellar where wine is produced, etc … Try to see if the farm chosen has some features that make it even more suitable for your reception. So you can combine so happy a great reception to a fun “diversion” that your guests will appreciate.

If you are planning a wedding reception on a farm, it can be useful to keep in mind a few tips to help you make the right choice.

The right time

The farm is synonymous with nature and life in the countryside: this goes without saying that the best time to organize a reception begins with the spring and ends in the fall, when the days are longer and warmer temperature. This will allow you to, weather permitting, to enjoy the nature that surrounds the farm.

Some properties are also organized to offer an excellent wedding reception also in spring, autumn or even in winter. In these cases, however, we suggest to evaluate well the spaces covered because it is possible that the temperature, especially at night, suggest staying inside. A wedding on a farm in the middle of winter is rare but not be rejected a priori: dine in the warmth of the fireplace can be a very romantic!

The authentic

Normally, the farm offers a menu with the tradition of the area and consists, at least in part, by its own products. This is its characteristic: avoid therefore ask improbable dishes of nouvelle cuisine! First homemade, homegrown meats, vegetables and sweets are the best you can ask a farm. Of course do not forget the wines, especially in the holiday farms devoted to wine production, which will offer the best offers their cellar.

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