Top property developments to know about in Bromley

Top property developments to know about in Bromley

Bromley may not have loomed large on your property radar, but it’s time to pay attention to this appealing location in London’s southeast. Bromley incorporates a number of intriguing areas, including Penge, Crystal Palace, Orpington and Beckenham. Bromley also takes in a number of tranquil villages positioned quite close to the M25, so there is a huge variety of property types within this locale.

Vibrant living

With such a great range of properties and communities, living in Bromley offers a tantalising selection of experiences. From urban centres with lively cultural scenes to commuter zones and dignified villages where life continues at a gentle pace, Bromley really has it all.

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For many people, living in Bromley means excellent connections with London, while being able to enjoy the nearby countryside and thus take advantage of both worlds. The town centre of Bromley is known for its lively and diverse shopping, and Crystal Palace and Penge offer high streets that have an eclectic range of shops and boutiques too. For those who want a more secluded and relaxed existence, the peaceful village of Chislehurst may have exactly what you desire.

Great schools

For families, one of the major attractions of living in Bromley is the schools. The borough is known for offering an excellent selection of schools with both independent fee-paying schools and state institutions that have Ofsted outstanding ratings. There are also two selective schools in the borough. The Newstead Wood School is much sought-after for girls, while St Olave’s Grammar School is a popular choice for boys.

South east London is becoming more and more popular as a place to live and to invest. This is not an entirely new phenomenon, as you can see from this report in The Guardian

Bromley also benefits from a wide range of transport links, with many mainline rail links into major London stations. Of course, there is a wide range of local bus services too. Trinity Village is a new development located near Bromley South station that can see you reach London Victoria in less than 20 minutes.

Buying a property in Bromley has never looked so appealing. Once you have done a little research, you will see what an incredible range of attractive properties is available in this area. Once you have decided on the property you want, of course, you will need to make an offer, have it accepted and then begin the official processes of finalising a mortgage and engaging a professional to do your conveyancing.

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If you are looking for conveyancing solicitors  Bromley then it would be a good idea to do some research and look at what experienced firms such as Sam Conveyancing have to offer. Getting the right conveyancing solicitors in Bromley on board is a vital part of your property transaction and could pre-empt a range of potentially costly problems down the line.

Bromley is only going to become more attractive to home buyers. If you want to live in Bromley, it may be time to take action now. Even with a selection of attractive new build developments, house prices in Bromley are still competitive, but as more people discover what this region has to offer, property prices are only likely to rise.

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