8 tips to make a proper diet during pregnancy

proper diet during pregnancy

8 tips to make a proper diet during pregnancy

Maintaining an adequate diet during pregnancy is essential for both the health of the fetus and that of the mother. We must avoid eating for two

Food during the pregnancy stage plays a very important role, both for the health of the mother and for the baby who is coming.

Gestation is a period with special nutritional needs, not only because it involves changes in the woman’s body, but because it is key to the development of the fetus.

The problem is that there have been many myths around this, such as “eating for two”. While it is necessary to ensure adequate absorption of nutrients, do not fall into any excess.

A good diet in pregnancy is one that contains varied ingredients, high nutritional quality, in appropriate portions.

How to design it? What must be considered? If you still do not solve these questions, write down the following 8 basic tips.

1. Caring for quality over quantity diet during pregnancy

proper diet during pregnancy

The period of gestation is not the most appropriate to try to lose weight, much less to eat for two. Although it is important to try to maintain a healthy weight, it is not about adopting a diet with fewer calories.

In order to design an adequate feeding plan, it is essential to take into account the weight and the state of health of the mother. Thereafter, appropriate foods and dishes are chosen for optimal nutrition. Read also Health And Wellness For Beginners: Simple Strategies For Success

In general, it is recommended to base the diet on:

  • Fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Lean meats
  • Legumes and nuts
  • Low-fat dairy

2. Divide the portions

One of the keys to avoiding falling into excess during pregnancy is to divide the portions of food to make several dishes a day. So things, instead of 3 or 4 hearty meals, it is best to prepare 5 or 6 small servings.

  • In this way the digestion process is favored and, by the way, it diminishes that typical swelling that causes heaviness in the body.

3. Nutrients that cannot miss

proper diet during pregnancy

All the nutritional groups are indispensable for the mother and the baby. However, some nutrients are more relevant, since they intervene more directly in the correct development of the fetus.

The ideal is to increase the sources of:

  • Calcium, iron, and iodine
  • Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Vitamins of the B complex

4. Increase the consumption of liquids

Adequate hydration has many benefits during pregnancy. Water and other healthy drinks favor the control of typical problems of this stage: constipation, slow digestion or fluid retention.

  • You should consume about 2 or 3 liters of fluid per day, which do not contain sugar or alcohol.
  • It is valid to drink water alone, infusions or natural juices.

5. Cooking method diet during pregnancy

proper diet during pregnancy

Cooking the food well and washing the vegetables before preparing them is key to not suffering from diseases caused by contamination with bacteria.

Likewise, it is essential to use a light cooking method , in which the use of additional fat (fried foods) is not necessary.

  • It is best to cook steamed, grilled or baked.
  • In case of using oils, opt for healthy alternatives such as olive oil, canola (rapeseed or sunflower).

6. Eat bluefish

Bluefish is one of the healthiest foods for pregnant women. It contains large amounts of omega 3 fatty acids and is a major source of high biological value proteins.

  • Ideally, choose options such as salmon, trout or albacore tuna, which are light in calories and free of mercury.
  • Bluefin tuna or the emperor are not advised because of their origin.
  • Eating 2 or 3 servings a week is enough to enjoy their nutritional benefits.

7. Restrict some foods diet during pregnancy

proper diet during pregnancy

While some foods contain good nutrients for the baby, others are full of substances that can be harmful to both.

While they do not cause problems when eaten sporadically, their regular intake can cause problems in body weight and the health of the fetus.

  • The consumption of junk food, sweets, and alcoholic beverages is not recommended.
  • It is also appropriate to limit the intake of coffee, infusions and soft drinks.

8. Replace salt with seasonings

There are many healthy spices and seasonings that can replace salt in pregnancy prescriptions. Although in minimal doses this substance does not cause problems, it is best to limit it to avoid fluid retention.

  • In meats, soups and salads can be replaced with herbs and healthy spices such as oregano, thyme or pepper.
  • Another option is to prepare dressings with lemon or vinegar.

Are you worried about nutrition during your pregnancy? Do not you know how to feed yourself well? In addition to following these basic tips, evaluate with your doctor if you have any special requirements.

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