9 tips to keep your legs not get tired in the office

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9 tips to keep your legs not get tired in the office

Prolonged sitting in the office causes the blood flow is slow and muscles that flex the hip harden, if you know how to avoid fatigue in the legs, pay close attention to the advice we have for you.

The immobility of your body causes tension in the back and knees, for this reason it is necessary to make simple movements that help you avoid discomfort.

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1. Extensions

You do not need equipment in your workspace you can lift a leg to be in parallel to the floor during this movement squeezes the quadriceps of 3 to 5 seconds.

2. Abduction

Place a towel, sweatshirt or ball between your legs and try to raise the knees, hold that position a five seconds. This movement will exercise the inner thigh and hip.

3. Isometric contractions

When you’re sitting, tighten the muscles of the buttocks as hard as possible; support for 10 seconds and rest 30. It is advisable to do 10 repetitions.

4. Squats

Without using the back of the chair and sit, lift your hips and buttocks about 7 centimeters, and then turn to sit.

5. Take off your heels

High heels shrink the calf muscles and cause problems in feet and knees. Walk a little, drink water or go to the bathroom to activate the circulation and stretch your legs.

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6. Walk tip

When you go forth walking tips. When you can, standing and without leaving site, put the full weight of your body on the toes.

7. Pressure heels

Standing, and without moving, supports the entire weight of your body on your heels. If you need it, lean on a chair or wall.

8. Bend your toes

Stretches and shrinks toes. It is an exercise that helps the circulation of blood.

9. Punta-Heel

If you are sitting for more than one continuous hour, do 20 times the movement of tip-heel.

With these tips, you’ll know how to avoid fatigue in the legs when you’re in the office, as long remain motionless; you not only can cause pain or numbness, also cramps and varicose veins.

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