Why is first aid training so important?

Why is first aid training so important?

First aid training is critical, as administering first aid during the first minutes after an injury or accident can hugely improve a patient’s later outcome. As employers are required to offer first aid equipment and adequate first aid on site to protect their employees, it is extremely important to keep training up to date to prevent devastating outcomes or legal action.

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Here is what your company needs to have in place:

First aid equipment, such as a complete first aid kit. You will need one regardless of your company’s size.

First aid personnel, such as an appointed first aid person who will take the lead with care and first aid arrangements. Training, such as clinical training courses, offers a solution for keeping knowledge current.

First aid materials, such as up-to-date information for employees about your procedures for first aid.

Assessing first aid needs

Workplaces need to assess various factors to determine their first aid requirements:

Business risk level (low or high)
Workforce size
Size of work premises
Work involving children
Proximity to emergency services

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Appointing personnel

The number of appointed first-aiders depends on your workplace needs. For low-risk environments with under 25 employees, one first aider may be sufficient. High-risk workplaces may require one fully-trained first aider for every 50 people.

Regular training and awareness are crucial for appointed personnel, such as first aid and clinical training courses. Employers should communicate this information clearly to all employees, considering diverse needs such as disabilities or language barriers.

Advanced first aid measures

Employers should consider advanced training, such as defibrillator training, to cover every eventuality. Only 49 per cent of workplaces currently have defibrillators; with 60,000 cardiac arrests occurring annually in the UK, equipped and trained personnel can make the difference between life and death.

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