Six eco-friendly kitchen design ideas

Six eco-friendly kitchen design ideas

We are all trying to make our homes eco-friendlier. As climate change continues to dominate the headlines, how can you reduce the carbon footprint of your kitchen refurbishment in Guildford? Here are six ideas for a stylish and sustainable kitchen refresh.

Brief your kitchen designer

Briefing your kitchen designer is vital if you want to create an eco-friendly kitchen. Let them know at the outset that sustainability and energy efficiency are central to your new kitchen. A kitchen refurbishment Guildford  company such as will work closely with you to achieve your vision with the right choice of materials and finishes.

Reclaim, re-use, and recycle

Using reclaimed materials is one of the best ways to conserve natural resources and energy while adding character. If you are ripping out an old kitchen, consider recycling it through a used kitchen company.

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Use sustainable materials

Look for materials with recycled content or FSC certification for any solid timber. Bamboo is another exceptional choice because it grows so fast. Quartz, glass and terrazzo are highly sought-after materials that score highly as eco-friendly worktops and splashbacks. Look for options that use a high quantity of waste materials or can be easily recycled.

Shop eco-friendly flooring

FSC-certified timber or bamboo are good sustainable flooring choices, but other exciting options exist. Biodegradable linoleum is climate-positive and gives a contemporary streamlined look. Consider hardwearing resin floors for the effect of polished concrete without the resource-hungry process.

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Invest in green tech

Consider the energy efficiency and water consumption of any new appliances and invest in the highest-rated ones you can afford. Not only will your kitchen be more sustainable but also you could make considerable savings on your bills.

Buy quality cabinetry

When choosing cabinets for your kitchen refurbishment, choose the best quality your budget allows. A hand-painted solid wood kitchen will stand the test of time and a lick of low-emission paint will help you achieve a brand-new look.

Stay local

If you are looking for a kitchen refurbishment in Guildford, stay local. Using local artisans is the best way to create a sustainable design and reduce the carbon footprint.

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