6 key that will convince them to hire you

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6 key that will convince them to hire you

Clearly, the fact that you hire to work depends on many things and luck is also needed, we can not guarantee that to happen, but most important is that you do not give up, you can always learn from a failure or bad experience, there will always be people better curriculum, more experienced and more prepared, but you will always have something that will make you different.

That it may be easier, we help you with some tips that can be of help for your next interview …

Jobs and Careers

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Defend your personal brand: It is what you mentioned at the beginning, you never give up, but this is very important to have confidence in yourself and know what your strengths and how you can exploit and take advantage of them. You must saber sell and demonstrate what makes you different.

Visibility: You must do everything possible because people see you and notice you how to do it? Let the whole world know you are looking for work. Probably give you a lot of embarrassment at first, but you never knows who you will know that it can offer a job. You must make all contacts you can, sign up for activities where you can meet people in your industry and expand your contacts on social networks.

Emphasize in the interview: It is true that the first impression is very important, so dress for the position you asking, is punctual, carrying copies of the curriculum but the recruiter may already have it and most importantly, adapt it to the offer. The recruiter should see that you are the ideal person they are looking for and you fit that profile is why you have to adapt to it in every possible way, thus do not say that you should lie and pretend to be someone you’re not, because sooner or early account would, be yourself, but within limits.

Being well informed: You must be aware of places where you can apply for a job, find out what the most popular places are, know what they usually ask in the area that you’re interested in and what they require people who are hiring.

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Curriculum that highlights: As we said earlier, it is important that you adapt to the post of the interview, avoid mass mailings to all types of companies and so general, it is better that you send less prepared curriculum but in reverse. As for the structure, should be very visible and clearly understood at a glance, with well-distributed and structured information, discards those jobs that you did not add anything to that job.

Be useful: You must show the recruiter that hire you will make a big difference to another employee, you should be able to create something that others valued to become essential, consider doing something that companies want to pay. We know this is not easy, so we recommend making a mental list of your skills and training and what you can improve. However, all this is useless if you do not stay constant, should see that you are someone to be trusted.

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