4 Actions Steps for Starting a Neighborhood Watch

4 Actions Steps for Starting a Neighborhood Watch

In the aftermath of several police brutality incidents across America, there has been a significant demand for more transparency and policing of the police. Several major cities and lawmakers across the nation have called for abolishing a formal police force, and numerous “defund the police” movements have taken place across the nation. Because of the demand to remove certain weapons or use of force options from officers, police equipment Independence OH companies may have to change their line of products. Additionally, communities across the nation may have to alter their own strategy for addressing crime. A neighborhood watch is one non-violent way to protect your home and community.

Organize and Recruit Neighbors

Before you can register your group, you need to organize and recruit as many neighbors as you can to be a part of the program. Hang up flyers around the neighborhood, or go door to door and personally invite folks to attend an introductory meeting.

Meet With Neighbors and Law Enforcement

Contact your local law enforcement about having someone speak with your group about the need and role of a Neighborhood Watch. Your efforts should be combined with the work of your local law enforcement. However, your group is not the law.

Develop an Action Plan

As you meet with your neighbors, discuss the most pressing concerns and fears of residents for the neighborhood. Create a plan for addressing the top three concerns that are presented. You can establish a telephone chain of notification, or you can establish another alert system. Have your plan work to reduce the impact of the main concerns.

Be Consistent and Engaged

Hold meetings once a month to stay up-to-date on any issues that have developed or were encountered in the neighborhood. You can use the time to have local instructors teach some self-defense techniques, or you could have training to set up fire drills in the home. Use the time to educate the community on a number of ways to stay safe.

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