Being a taxi driver during Covid

Being a taxi driver during Covid

Being a taxi driver isn’t easy, long hours, endless driving and dealing with the public can all take its toll. Contrary to popular belief, the customer isn’t always right and some of the ways the public act can be downright annoying to those who choose a career in transporting us from A to B. Especially as they have licence fees to pay and all the responsibilities of keeping their cars roadworthy such as the annual trip to a mots gloucester company such as

What are the top pet peeves for taxi drivers?

  1. Customers who treat the driver like a personal slave. Some people whistle to get the attention of a cabbie and this can be considered very rude. Also people get into the vehicle with no greeting and just bark directions at the driver. This is not the best way to endear people to you and a taxi driver deserves the same respect as you would expect to receive yourself.
  2. You are backseat driver. As someone who spends their working life navigating the streets of a particular town or city, they should be pretty savvy on where everything is. If they aren’t sure they will ask so there’s no need to constantly shout out directions at the last minute. If you want to take a specific route, tell the driver before the journey starts.
  3. Telling the driver to go faster because you are late. The thing is a taxi is subject to exactly the same laws of the road as any other vehicle so doesn’t have the ability to jump that red light or break the speed limit just because you have poor time management skills. A taxi driver will not risk losing their livelihood by breaking the law for you.
  4. Drunk people. Nothing is worse when you’re sober and at work than dealing with extremely inebriated individuals. They will either mouth off at you, vomit all your cab or try to run off without paying. They might be so drunk that they fall asleep and can’t be moved or simply no longer have the ability to find any money and pay you.
  5. Lousy tippers. A taxi driver isn’t in it for the love of ferrying you around, they are trying to earn a living and so people who refuse to tip or leave tips that are just plain embarrassing will not become a favourite customer.

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  1. Uber has come along and reduced earnings for cab drivers significantly in many cities. Taxi drivers simply do not like Uber.
  2. The short ride is another annoyance to the taxi driver. You may think you’re doing them a favour but travelling a distance that you could have walked can actually end up costing the driver. If you need to do this then try offering the driver a nice, big tip to sweeten the deal.

Other things that taxi drivers don’t want to hear include, ‘Do you have change for a fifty?’, ‘Can we stop at a cash machine?’, ‘Busy this evening?’ and ‘Hey Mr Taxi Driver’ screamed at regular intervals for the duration of the journey!

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