How to make an autumn wreath for your porch

How to make an autumn wreath for your porch

Wreaths are traditionally hung during the festive period. They can range in style and size and usually involve a lot of holly and fake snow; however, seasonal wreaths are becoming increasingly popular. With autumn just around the corner, bringing with it an array of beautiful colours and textures, now is the perfect time to create your own autumn wreath.

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What you need

Before you start, you will need to make sure you have some essential equipment and utensils, including a wire wreath frame, some florist wire, garden twine, and a selection of leaves, pine cones, berries and seasonal flowers and foliage. You will also need some gardening gloves and a pair of secateurs.

Stage 1

First, separate the leaves and berries into small bunches. Using the florist twine, hold the bunches together leaving the two ends of the wire exposed. Do this to any pine cones, flowers, twigs or other greenery you wish to include.

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Stage 2

Secure the leaves to the frame using the wire and intersperse them around the frame, making sure not to leave any gaps.

Stage 3

Now add the flowers and pine cones in the same way, making sure you space them evenly. Check that all the wreath is covered and secured with the twine, then add any finishing touches; for example, you may wish to add a bow or several smaller bows, some gold glitter to give it a sparkly effect, or some dried oranges to help keep the colours autumnal.

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Finally, attach the wreath to the porch or door using a nail, making sure it is positioned symmetrically.

Autumn really is a wonderful time of year and a great time to get outdoors and explore nature. A recent article published by the Huffington Post shares everything there is to love about autumn and will make you feel ready to embrace the darker days and colder mornings.

Having four distinctive seasons is something to be celebrated. Whether you live for the summer or love the cosy winter nights, making sure your porch is fit for the season can be a fun way to get creative.

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