Understanding the Beliefs of SCOAN

Understanding the Beliefs of SCOAN

SCOAN, the Synagogue Church of all Nations, is an incredibly important establishment in Nigeria, through which the Prophet TB Joshua delivers messages of hope and healing. He has even prophesized various events, showing himself to be a true prophet, as what he said actually did happen. Those who are not familiar with SCOAN may want to know what the church’s beliefs are. Below is a brief outline of their specific faith.

The Faith of SCOAN

  1. The world was created by the Holy Spirit, the Father, and the Son. Jesus Christ is the Holy Spirit’s power, he promised his followers the Spirt of Truth, which means that He lives within every human on the planet, forever. However, only those who are prepared for him, and those who accept him as their Savior, will be able to see this influence. This is known as being “born again”.
  2. Jesus Christ came to earth to win souls, restoring the fellowship and relationship between man and their God. He was both human (a descendant of David) and divine (the son of God). His human side meant that he experienced the same temptations as man, but he was able to resist them. He loved humans, died for their sins, and continues to pray for them until today.
  3. Holy Men of God are able to truly understand the message of the Holy Spirit as delivered in the Bible.
  4. The word of the Lord is what gives life, whereas sin points to destruction and death.
  5. All can achieve salvation by believing in the Blood of Christ’s healing power. Only those who accept Christ as their Savior and Lord will be saved by the death of Christ.
  6. The word of God refreshes the mind, and the spirit of god renews strength. Being born again means accepting both the Lord’s word and His spirit.
  7. The Lord can exert diving healing through the means of TB Joshua.
  8. A baptism and speaking in tongues is vital to accepting the Lord into your life, and to enable you to allow your spirit to shine with power, peace, love, joy, and life, influencing others.
  9. The Lord’s Supper is an integral part of the work of SCOAN, who have been instructed by the Lord to take part in it.
  10. Jesus Christ will rise again.

These are the core beliefs of SCOAN. While Prophet TB Joshua founded the church and heads it, he does not believe he is anything other than a mortal man, influenced by the Lord. The healing work he does, the sermons to his congregations, the prophecies he delivers, and more, are all acts of God, influenced not by TB Joshua’s mortal sins, but rather by being a direct vessel of God.

Those interested in SCOAN are encouraged to review a sermon recorded on Emmanuel TV, who broadcast all the sermons across the world, further enabling TB Joshua to reach followers of the Lord. Alternatively a visit to SCOAN itself can be organized.

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