Why your job offer is not attractive to find the perfect employee?

Find the perfect employee

Why your job offer is not attractive to find the perfect employee?

Many companies may encounter problems when filling vacancies or positions jobs in certain areas. On other occasions the positions are filled quickly but have a high turnover rate. The labor supply that is released does not raise the interest for the profile of workers interests the company.

This may be due to different reasons and we have to be aware what kind of worker is looking for. Usually these offers are not attractive require an experienced worker and be productive from the outset and in a sector with strong competition.

Find the perfect employee

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This implies that workers with better qualifications can choose from different offers, perhaps not immediately, but in the short or medium term, implying that if I reached that point where you have another offer does not apply retention policies, we’ll lose such employee.

What does your company?

Usually offer different aspects in a worker values are as follows:

  • Wage, which in these cases usually offers at least a basic starting salary, which does not appeal to most workers. You can fill the position, but not with the kind of experienced employee and resolute we seek, at least in the long term.
  • Schedules to reconcile personal and professional life. If we add a standard salary rotating shifts, work will be unattractive.
  • Social benefits that often offer large firms and not SMEs.
  • Career plan that allows the worker to bet on the company’s long-term and offers a possibility of promotion and improvement in the future.
  • Good working environment which is something we all usually indicate in the interview, but we do not have the possibility to check unless you know someone inside.

What are the candidates for the job?

As in most cases, the candidates what they see is a very fair wage and hours. With that a composition of place whether or not improve their current conditions are made. If they are unemployed logically accepted, but if not convinced the deal will continue looking to make the jump to a better position in the short term.

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Also the possibility to grow professionally, beyond the career plan it is intended that what we do, we serve in our curriculum as a highlight for better jobs in the future. Not only the salary is valued, but also a learning base in the future we do have a more attractive profile for firms, not only to change, but if the company goes wrong, have a short-term possibility of finding another job.

If at the end curriculum we receive no answer it is clear profile we are looking at something we have to change in supply. The other option is to go for a worker with less experience, but you feel attracted to a career development in our company over the long term.

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