How larger industries rely on small parts

How larger industries rely on small parts

When we think of the big powerhouse industries, like aerospace, automotive and manufacturing, we often see the bigger picture. We envision jumbo jets or rows and rows of robotic arms assembling vehicles. We don’t often consider the tiny components that work to make all these bigger things possible. All the tiny parts like gaskets and valves that when combined, make the magic happen. A vehicle or a plane is only a sum of its parts and the parts of the machines that were used to make them. Here are some giant industries that rely on an army of small parts:

Automotive – Anyone who has ever taken a car apart will know that there are many hundreds of components involved. As well as gaskets, mounts, suspension, seals and washers, there will also be a wide range of materials, such as aluminium, rubber, titanium, alloys and steel. When a component breaks, the whole system can be affected.

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Aerospace – Flying and even going into space requires components that are highly resistant to chemicals and extreme temperatures. Such parts might also require a more specialist material too. Manufacturing bespoke components with unique properties is vital for this industry. For more information on Rubber Moulding, visit a site like Meadex rubber moulding

Defence – This is another industry that will have tough requirements for tough parts. Whether it’s for marine, aerospace or land craft, products for defence will also have to be tested to extremely precise requirements. Military grade components might require special bonding or coating and the work is often highly confidential.

Medical – Healthcare applications require components that consist of medical grade materials. This includes silicone which has many uses in medical applications. Of course, the machinery found in healthcare settings is highly varied and can only function with the help of parts like valves, gaskets, hoses and pipes.

Food and Drink – As with medical grade components, the food and drink industry also relies heavily on materials fit for use in matters of human consumption. Silicone is a top choice thanks to its safety and ability to stand up to food safety standards. Silicone can also be moulded into virtually any shape and has excellent resistance to extreme temperatures.

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Water Industries – This is an industry that requires parts to be robust and hygienic to meet stringent safety regulations, whether in clean water or wastewater facilities. Many pipe connectors, washers and seals are made from rubber moulded components that must be leak-proof and long lasting.

Agriculture – There is a huge amount of machinery required in modern farming, from seed trays to combine harvesters and everything in between. Components need to be very tough, weather resistant, leak proof and durable. Any piece of equipment that supplies irrigation, for example, will need hoses, pipe connectors, gaskets and valves. Agricultural vehicles that rely on hydraulic power will also require a wide range of durable and watertight parts to ensure smooth operation.

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