5 Minerals (Non-Gemstones) That Make Beautiful Jewelry

5 Minerals (Non-Gemstones) That Make Beautiful Jewelry

Everyone loves jewelry that represents something special about them and their desires. Unfortunately, building upon your jewelry collection can soon become redundant as gemstones and precious metals begin to pile up, reflecting the same colors and textures over and over again.

Spruce up your jewelry collection by expanding your horizons and selecting from non-gemstone pieces that are both unique and beautiful. Here are 5 Non-Gemstone Minerals That Make Beautiful Jewelry

  1. Pyrite

If you like the look of gold but don’t like the cost, opt for pyrite in your everyday wearables. Commonly known as Fool’s Gold, pyrite makes for beautiful, tough, economically priced jewelry. This hard mineral can be shaped into beads, ring stones, or pendants, or left in it’s natural, cubical, angular shape.


Pyrite is said to improve vitality by boosting the Personal Power chakra zones to balance life-force energy.

  1. Galena

If you’re more a fan of silver (or if gold doesn’t work with your skin tone), consider jewelry made from galena, an ore that shines like a dark silver or platinum and Fool’s Gold’s silvery cousin.

Like Fool’s Gold, galena can be formed into pendants, large beads, earrings, or ring stones. Just keep in mind that, however beautiful, galena isn’t as hard as other minerals and stones, so wear it with care.

Galena signifies transformation and is often used by healers as an aid in addiction recovery.

  1. Quartz

Unlike other minerals, quartz can be found in an almost endless variety of colors. This very durable and hard mineral can be found in both opaque and transparent varieties. Because of its hardness, is easily shaped into popular gemstone cuts (e.g. princess, emerald) to be set into rings, earrings, and pendants. It can also be left in it’s natural crystalline or rock form, which many people find beautiful.

Quartz symbolizes power and protection.

  1. Sodalite

This mineral’s name doesn’t sound very glamorous, but this opaque, deep blue stone polishes to an amazing luster that makes it very popular in jewelry. When cut and polished, sodalite looks like a darker, mysterious version of popular turquoise.

Sodalite promotes self-confidence and self-esteem; the Greeks believed this stone had properties that enhanced creative energy.

  1. Geode

Part rock, part mineral, and part magic, geodes are often forgotten amid the plethora of available jewelry-quality minerals and gems. Geologists don’t quite know how these mineral marvels form, but it’s believed geodes assist in decision making, spiritual direction, and meditation.

Geodes can be cut in slivers and hung as necklaces or dangling earrings. Small geodes can be inlaid in gold or silver and made into rings or bracelets. Though they can’t be carved like most other gems and minerals, geodes are still a worthy competitor in the jewelry ring.

There are many more beautiful, jewelry-quality non-gemstone minerals yet that make beautiful jewelry. The point is, move out of your comfort zone and give unusual jewelry accents a try. Like art, jewelry should make a statement, big or small, about you, your desires, and your goals, so let that statement be clear, beautiful… and noticeable.

Jessica Kane is a professional writer who has an interest in arts and crafts, DIY, and other handmade products. She currently writes for Indian Traders, a leading vendor of pendleton blankets and jewelry.

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