How to dress in Events Royalty

How to Dress

How to dress in Events Royalty

Learn how you should dress for royal events, whether weddings, baptisms, and all kinds of celebrations of the Royal Family.

How to dress according to the Protocol Events Royalty

Knowing how to dress in royal events is easy if you just follow these tips. You can also implement them for your meetings, they are guides of good taste when wearing our best look, and complying with the label designs are usually set on the invitations.

How to Dress

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Read these guides and learn how to dress according to the protocol at a wedding or event.

How to dress for royal events if you are female

The dress code is usually preset at the Royal and highborn events, either printed on the card or note of invitation or discussed among support staff (secretaries and others favoring the colors are not repeated or styles of clothing among the guests). The general rule to dress according to the protocol in daytime actual events is short dress (or set, but always with skirt), and occasionally long for the night.

Short dresses must be no more than two centimeters above the knee to the younger, knee or just below for adult ladies, and between the knee and calf for seniors, never the ankle nor shorter. The color can vary, always contemplating the occasion and the dress of the host (for example, you should never wear white to a wedding, or black for baptisms, weddings or similar).

The hair can be collected in a royal event (it is the best alternative) or loose, but always neat and well groomed. According to the protocol should cover the head in religious and royal events, so you can choose mantillas, touched or brimmed hats, the latter of medium or small size, it should not be removed at any time.

The shoes will be reviewed by every woman, but not too high heels are recommended for convenience and prudence. The bag is almost mandatory, always small and tone with footwear.

Rules of dress for royal events if you are male

Men do not have an easy to choose her outfit for the royal lineage and events task, but must comply strictly with what is designated in the invitation or note event. At weddings and elegant events are recommended tuxedo (jacket composed peak, without actually having the length of a coat and gray trousers with vertical stripes), white shirt (always) and gray tie or another tone, smooth and nothing shrill silk. Usually a silk vest, gray and smooth is included.

Male accessories are also defined when dressing according to the protocol. Those who choose to use them must wear a little white handkerchief. You can have rings and wristwatches, but not recommended wear jewelry or other accessories. The shoes, meanwhile, must be black and be in immaculate condition, with black dress socks.

Meet the royal protocol

In highborn Real or events you will not have the stage to show defiance. The protocol and label designs must be fulfilled to the letter, without extravagance, and must always be accompanied by an irreproachable conduct of respect and speed.

Skip the alcohol (at least too much) and keep your composure when eating better. So, you not only see but also give luxury that image with respect to your personality. Behave and dress according to the protocol events of royalty is easier now that you know what the keys are.

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