Argan Oil Properties

Argan Oil

Argan Oil Properties

We tell you about the properties of argan oil, and how you can take advantage of in your home and beauty treatments.

Benefits and Argan Oil Properties

Are large the properties of argan oil for beauty and for being, though often little known and used. It is a vegetable, natural and with numerous benefits for your body and your product image.

Argan Oil

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Extracted from the seed, or “almond” Argan, this oil has a strong regenerative effect at the cellular level, for its high content of antioxidants that fight against free radicals and prevent premature aging of cells throughout the body, internal and external. As a result, the skin looks smoother, younger, with fewer lines, and even an effect lifting after continued use.

But not only in beauty exploit the benefits of argan oil. Skin is effective in relieving burns (heat and sun), moisturizes dry skin and cracked, like heels and elbows, relieves the discomfort of psoriasis and neurodermatitis, combat and improves skin appearance with acne, it promotes healing and wound healing and skin wounds, strengthens and restores brittle nails and hair, is a potent antifungal and natural antiseptic, and also stimulates cell oxygenation.

Using argan oil

There are many ways to use the argan oil in your treatments, masks and homemade beauty techniques, for example:

  • To protect your skin every day, nourish and moisturize, apply Argan oil gently rubbing cotton embedded in circular and / or upward motion. Duplicates the application in heels and elbows, let stand for 60 minutes, then rinse with warm water or shower.
  • To give strength, health and regain your brittle nails, mix equal amounts of argan oil with fresh juice freshly squeezed lemon, and applies a moderate rubbing massage on each nail in feet and hands. Leave it overnight.
  • To provide health, life and beauty to your hair, apply directly a teaspoon of argan oil on the hair 30 to 45 minutes before washing, massaging gently into the scalp and the hair.

Argan oil properties outside the cosmetics

Argan oil is not only used in beauty treatments, but also prized for cooking, cold. It is mixed with chopped fresh herbs and spices to give outstanding dishes to decorative details, because its flavor is very distinctive and compelling.

Properties of argan oil for health and well-being:

  • A low oil in your caloric intake, ideal for the kitchen of overweight and diabetes
  • It is a powerful antioxidant that accelerates cell regeneration and recovery of damaged organs
  • Reduces hypertension
  • Controls the level of blood cholesterol
  • Relieves muscular and rheumatic pain, because it is a powerful natural anti-inflammatory
  • Improves digestive processes
  • Attributed anticancer properties

General considerations on argan oil

Before seize properties of Argan oil for consumption or for cosmetic treatments and beauty, be sure to consult with a medical professional, because as with any other product, it can cause allergies, irritation or drug interactions and conditions individuals.

If you’re going to use in the kitchen, you can purchase the argan oil culinary standard or deodorized because many people dislike its aroma in foods. In the case of the variety for cosmetic purposes, you can choose the best checking a mild scent (or none) of light golden color and translucent, and capable of deep hydration, which will measure through the penetration and absorption of the product in your skin, which should happen in a couple of minutes only. So you can maximize the properties of argan oil and look younger and healthier.

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