How to tell if your dog has mange

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How to tell if your dog has mange

Discover the signs that will help you know if your dog has mange, and the following steps should detect.

Signs to know if your dog has mange

Your dog scratches his skin is scaly, and wants to know if you have scabies or if another disease? Well, here we have some useful tips to help you recognize mange (scabies), to help alleviate your pet and your stomach, preventing this common disease in dogs and other animals around the world.

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Pay attention and keep in mind these tips to tell if your pet has mange.

What is scabies?

The scab is a fairly common disease in pets possible, to be detected quickly and treated by the veterinarian as soon as you notice the first symptoms attention. It is a condition of the skin, infection caused by tiny mites (something like tiny spiders) that bite and placed (them and their eggs) on the animal’s skin, to seek shelter and food there.

To find out if your dog has mange you can avail yourself of a simple visual analysis, seeking to identify changes in the skin of your pet or behavior, such as complaints, frequently scraped and then some.

A plurality of types of mange , as each variety of mites cause a different variant, including sarcoptic (caused by the mite sarcóptide) and demodectic or red mange (demodex mite), the two most common types of domestic animals, particularly dogs.

Recognizing scabies: Visible symptoms

There are various symptoms and behavioral changes in your dog to help you recognize scabies or identify problems with your skin. The most common are the red spots, sores and flaking, you should try to observe mobilizing its coat (sometimes hefty) to view it. In advanced cases, the product or scratching the animal will be promoted, hair can break the skin and leave it exposed, facilitating the Recognition of the disease, but also identifying an already advanced degree.

To find out if your dog has mange, watch your pet and seeks to identify if:

  • It is constantly scratching in the same area, without other apparent reasons
  • The skin inflammations, injuries, wounds and red spots (in the demodectic mange )
  • The skin is flaky and dry note
  • Rashes appear on exposed skin and coat below

What to do if your dog has scabies?

At the first symptom, check the condition of the skin of your dog. If you can recognize scabies or some other condition, program without delay a visit to the vet, to implement the solution and the most appropriate cure for your pet. The risk of delay is that the mites continue digging under his skin: the more you hurry back to assist you, more will worsen the situation and aggravated the danger of infections.

Remember that female mites leave their eggs inside the galleries that dig into the skin of the dog. These eggs hatch in five days, and some are more ready to breed again. No time to identify scabies can be especially dangerous for your dog, not to mention some mites are the way to travel to infect other organisms, including beings humans, as is the usual case as mange.

Treatment to cure scabies

Once identified mange in your dog as a preventive measure should isolate the animal, or remove him from other pets and people, even if it was a female infected with nursing puppies (direct feeding pauses and prevention). The veterinarian will determine the best treatment for each case including bathrooms with specific insecticidal soaps, skin injections, topical lotions and some more.

To avoid the proliferation of fungi and bacteria, in addition to mites, the veterinarian may recommend completely shave your dog’s hair, and bathe regularly with specific products.

Pay attention to these behavior changes to see if your dog has mange, and any doubt as soon as possible to visit your trusted veterinarian.

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