Smoking Effects Make Life Miserable

Smoking Effects Make Life Miserable

When you tell a chain smoker how bad is cigarette for his heath, he is just going to laugh it off. But when the effects strike then the situation is going to be worst for him. The health faces serious implications of smoking. Smoking is a bad habit and makes the person a slave. It’s very difficult for some people to understand, but the effects of smoking touch more than just your lungs alone. The carcinogenic chemicals along with nicotine eat up your system and your body corrodes as time passes, making the resistance very weak. But with the availability of the premium portable vaporizer these days you are able to keep your body more healthy as compared to inhaling the real smoke from the real cigarettes.

Time has come to educate people about the effects of smoking. The problems range from depression to lung cancer to asthma to kidney failure. The health hazard list is a big one.

Premature aging and wrinkles usually touch your skin, as one of the common effects of smoking is poor blood circulation and a loss of oxygen, both of which are needed for healthy skin. A smoker’s mouth usually has discolored and stained teeth and plaque, and teeth can actually become loose as the gums dry up and become brittle.

Quit smoking

Cancers of the lips, mouth, throat, and larynx are common effects of smoking, as are constant sore throats, a reduced sense of taste, and breath that smells of smoke. That poor blood circulation means cold hands and especially cold fingertips, which are usually stained with tar.

Lung cancer is not the only smoking effect that hits the respiratory system. Most smokers are more prone to bronchitis, a constant shortness of breath and persistent cough with sputum, and are more likely to get colds, flu, pneumonia, and asthma. Smoking also complicates tuberculosis and virtually any other respiratory condition one can get.

The heart is also one of the major parts of the body that is not immune to the effects of smoking. Many heart attacks can be traced to smoking. Smoking blocks and weakens the arteries of the heart and constricts blood vessels, making the heart need to work harder just to do its job.

Discussing the body’s midsection; cancers of the esophagus, abdomen, pancreas, kidneys, bladder, and colon are all traced to the effects of smoking. The bones are also not immune to smoking’s effects. Osteoporosis, spine and hip fractures and degenerative disc disease can be traced back to smoking.

Smoking causes infertility among males and females. One can have lower sperm counts and decreased sperm motility, and women can have difficulty with ovulation when smoking.

The list is still long but it is not practical to discuss everything here. Last but not the least the effects of smoking are also experienced by others surrounding you and affect their health also. Think if your child gets any disease as a gift from your smoking habits then you can never forgive yourself.

The effects of smoking spread all over the body and the consequences are heart frightening. You must quit smoking for your good and that of your family. Visit for more tips on Smoking Effects.

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