How to apply black mask: Step by step instruction

black mask Step by step instruction

How to apply black mask: Step by step instruction

The beauty of the skin is the long and laborious work of its owner. The main thing is to continuously monitor the skin condition, make timely care and cleansing.

Defects can be formed regardless of age. Most often, this happens due to neglected care, non-use of special products for the sake of skin cleansing, or malfunctions in the body.

The presence of pimples is a very popular problem not only among young people, but among middle-aged people. Their formation occurs due to the fact that the pores are clogged with sebum, and then microbes enter there. Often this education hurts and secretes pus.

black mask Step by step instruction

These defects can inflict unreasonable damage to the whole image, and they are poorly masked by cosmetic means.

The variety of scrubs for cleaning often does not bring the desired result. Therefore, a composition worthy of trust is required, namely a black face mask or charcoal face scrub. How to use this tool will be covered in this article.

What does the black mask consist of?

This compound is completely made from natural ingredients, in which useful vitamins and trace elements are added. This is the main advantage of this tool.

There are no contraindications to use, as well as side effects. So, the components of a black mask are:

  • To form a film on the face – polyvinyl alcohol.
  • To avoid drying out the skin – propylene glycol. It is a multifunctional tool for liquefaction, does not cause any harm to both the skin and the health of the human body.
  • Purified water.
  • Wheat germ. Use their oil, which is an anti-inflammatory, nutritional and healing ingredient.
  • Glycerin of vegetable origin. Promotes the penetration of water into the skin.
  • For the purpose of moisturizing and smoothing, pantheon is added.
  • Coal of bamboo in powder form. It has a cleansing effect, it favors the removal of black dots.
  • To slow the aging process, enrich the skin with fatty acids, squalene olive is added. It takes an active part in protecting against drying, and also helps the skin cells to breathe.
  • Extract from the skin of grapefruit. Narrows pores and promotes their renewal.
  • Promotes moisture retention, due to the fact that it can form a film.

Magic properties

The appearance of black spots is due to the clogging of sebum or dirt of the hair follicles. And sometimes you can observe the appearance of acne and various kinds of inflammation. All this happens because a person improperly cleanses his face, and if he does, he is not deep enough. In this case, there is no better advice, like using a black face mask. It will help get rid of various defects. Keep reading

The advantages of a coal mask-film are obvious:

  • It activates metabolic processes in the body;
  • Absorbs all the bacteria and dirt from the skin;
  • Enrichment of cells with minerals;
  • Deep cleansing and removal of greasy shine;
  • Correction of facial lines, elimination of swelling and bruising under eye depressions, prevention of old age;
  • Removal of inflammation;
  • Makes a fresh appearance;
  • Easily fights with black dots;
  • Skin regeneration.

The desired can always be translated into reality! The course of applying the mask several times makes the face younger, gives elasticity and freshness. Appearance is transformed and becomes very charming.

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