How to prick a peptide?

How to prick a peptide?

It is necessary to inject the drugs into the fat fold of the abdomen, although some peptides can be more effectively injected into the target muscles before the start of the training. This will allow you to accelerate the local growth of muscle mass. Many people are afraid of injections and this is the main reason for their refusal to use peptides.

You should remember that insulin syringes have much smaller needles than conventional ones. So the diameter of the needle of an insulin syringe is four times smaller than usual. Similarly, the situation is the same with the length of the needle, which does not exceed one centimeter in the insulin syringe.

Let’s consider in detail the question – how to prick peptides. First, you should take the fat fold of the abdomen in the arm. Bring a syringe to it and enter it at an angle of 45 degrees. Start pressing on the piston and do it slowly. When all the solution has been injected, remove the syringe from the fold.

Very often, athletes are interested in where the peptide can be administered in addition to the stomach. Drugs can be administered subcutaneously or intramuscularly. About the first method of introduction, we just told. Intramuscular injections are quite painful and, given the frequency of injections when using peptides, few will be able to withstand this throughout the course.

Subcutaneous injections of Boss Peptides seem to be the simplest solution to the problem. Although after the use of an insulin syringe, the injection site quickly heals, try to constantly change the area of peptide administration. To do this, divide the abdomen into nine parts and change the location of the injections.

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How to properly dilute and store peptides

  • Dilute the peptide with a solvent on the wall of the vial or ampoule;
  • During the dilution process, it is best to avoid direct solvent flow to the peptide mass;
  • Different peptides must be mixed in different ampoules;
  • Do not subject the strongly dissolved peptide to strong shaking;
  • Do not store a mixture of different peptides in one syringe more than one day;
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight;
  • The ready solution should be stored in the refrigerator at a temperature of no more than 2-8 degrees;
  • The prepared solution can be stored for 5 to 30 days (all depends on the stability of the peptide structure);
  • Peptides with 5-10-50 mg of the substance are diluted in 2.5 ml;
  • Peptides with 1-2 mg of the substance are diluted in 2 ml.

Tips for using peptides

  • Use an insulin syringe for 100/40 insulin units with NOT a removable needle.
  • Accurately observe the dosage and recommendations of a sports consultant;
  • Take care of increasing the protein content in the daily diet to 3g per 1 kg of weight;
  • It is recommended to keep a diary of injections in order to know for certain when and what to stab;
  • Get used to doing injections in the same sequence to
  • accidentally prevent an error and do not inject two times the same drug;
  • Study the information that in the area of the abdomen, where the injections are made, there are places where the injection is almost not felt, but there are also very painful places opposite;
  • Try not to get into the vessel during the injection;
  • After the injection, do not remove the syringe for 5-10 seconds, so that part of the drug does not leak out.

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