You like eating calorie foods in the afternoon, why it happens and how to avoid it?

eating calorie foods

You like eating calorie foods in the afternoon, why it happens and how to avoid it?

Surely the vast majority of us happened to us a thousand times that afternoon we enter a high desire to eat more and especially sweets and high calorie foods concentration. Despite knowing that this is not recommended, many tend to succumb to these moments of weakness. So this post we want to turn around this issue, and we need to know why this happens and how we can help it.

eating calorie foods

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It is true that the body is very wise and when we need some nutrient required by appetite and cravings. But many others are due to habit or acquired habits. In the case of eating more food in the afternoon and more caloric everything has an explanation, and that has much physical component, but also by a series of habits that need to change.

Lack of energy at the end of the day

First, it is important to note that the evening is the end of the day. This is usually the time when the body relaxes after a day of work and constant energy consumption. This is accused in the afternoon because the energy reserves of the body are lower and the body prepares for the night, a period in which we do not eat food but for which we still need energy because the body is still working. Therefore we feel the need to draw on high – calorie foods.

Feed wrong during the day, one of the causes

Mainly this need is due to poor diet dragged during the day, since the vast majority of us neglect the quantities of food that we got to the mouth and type of nutrients we eat. It is therefore necessary to take care of this by starting with a hearty and nutritious breakfast in which we include proteins and carbohydrates to meet the morning and energy requirements thereof.

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The importance of the 5 meals

Caring for the realization of 5 meals to throughout the day is important because thus keep energy reserves filled and the need for caloric food by the body will be less, and avoid the need we feel in the afternoon consuming food. Yes, it may seem illogical, follow a diet rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates slow assimilation, will help us to avoid such crises of hunger and need by eating calorie foods in the afternoon.

Dinner before

Another point to consider is that the need to consume food in the afternoon heat can be avoided if we advance the dinner. It is much better dinner two hours before going to bed to avoid the need and temptation. What we achieve is to continue to maintain body energy reserves at optimum levels and avoid temptation. Yes, the dinner should always be light, and for this advice is to include vegetables with a protein food in order to achieve a perfect nutrition.

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