3 Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

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3 Things To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen

For many, the kitchen is considered the heart of the home and care should therefore be taken when considering a remodel. Here are a few things to think about when updating your kitchen space.

1. Daily Routines

The first consideration to take into account is what you use your kitchen for. Are you a dedicated chef, whipping up many meals a week? Consider a design with lots of counter space.  Are you mainly a host, taking great pride in creating a fun atmosphere for your guests? Choose a welcoming, open design with an island fitted with stools. Do you have a big family and need to stock up on supplies? Maximize storage space! Thinking about these sorts of questions before speaking with a professional in residential interior design St Louis can help you get on the right path.

2. Practical Points

Once you know what sort of space you’d like to build, review the practical aspects such as appliances and sink features. Your refrigerator, for example, can come in all sizes and various proportions of freezer to fridge. Ovens, too, can be small, unobtrusive models for the occasional cook or double ovens for the banquet chef. You may want to add a disposal or an instant hot water faucet to your sink. Remember to make space for a dishwasher, too!

3. Surfaces

A focal point in all kitchens is the countertop. It is an important feature both for how it factors into your meal prep and for general look and ambiance. All sorts of countertop colors and materials are available in a variety of prices. Natural stones such as granite, soapstone, and marble are attractive and durable but, if you’re under a budget, can be expensive. Ceramic tiles can be less expensive and still provide the durability, resistance to heat, and appealing look.

Taking the time to think through your needs and look through the various options for your new kitchen will be well worth it when you’re cooking, entertaining, or simply enjoying a meal in your new space built just for you.

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