Why add decking to your garden

Why add decking to your garden

When choosing how to revamp our gardens, we tend to stray away from larger projects. This is because projects like canopies and garden rooms are costly and need a lot of thought before choosing to go through them. But adding decking to your garden can offer many benefits to your living space and give you a low-maintenance, adaptable and multi-purpose structure for all the family to enjoy.

Many garden features can be time-consuming to maintain, and the original aesthetic will deteriorate quickly. But on the whole, decking has simple maintenance, and it will only need occasional sealing and cleaning every so often. This difference is also apparent when compared to other garden surfaces like grace or concrete which need weekly maintenance to look tidy.

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If you choose high-quality materials such as composite decking or durable wood, then your decking will last a long time. They are primarily designed to withstand all weather and should resist rotting. Make sure that when you purchase wood decking it comes from a sustainable source.

Visually, decking can transform your garden too. Especially if you struggle with dry grass or do not have a large garden space. There are hundreds of different styles of decking that you can choose to match the aesthetic of your home so that it blends in with your surroundings. Once it’s in place you can also plant flowers or add features to it.

Other features that you could add to decking are barbeques, hot tubs, fire pits or outdoor garden kitchens. Your decking then becomes multipurpose, and you will be able to justify its instalment as you will use it all the time.

Decking is also great for a house that likes to host parties or gatherings. They are very sociable, and provide a space away from your house, so that the mess stays outside too! Why not add a canopy over your decking so that it can be utilised in all weather?

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There are plenty of companies that will give you a quote on decking, however, Portsmouth Timber Merchants is a reliable choice. As well as producing other wood features such as garden sheds or cladding, they will be well-experienced in what will work for your garden.

You also must not forget that a garden feature like this will help increase property value. Even if you are not planning on moving out any time soon, it is worth noting that the aesthetic of decking alone as well as the monetary value will be useful when it comes to selling up.

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