5 Tips for Buying Industrial Pumps

5 Tips for Buying Industrial Pumps

There’s a difference between pumps that are used by amateurs and pumps that are designed for industrial projects. If you’ve only ever purchased the former, however, you might be lost when your boss asks for the latter. Here are just a few things to keep in mind when shopping for industrial pumps.

1. Distinguish Your Wants and Needs

Wanting something isn’t the same as needing it, so make sure that you aren’t getting your workplace checklist confused with your personal wishlist. For example, if you need new deaerator pumps, don’t upgrade to a triplex package just because you can. Only take this leap if it’s financially feasible for you and your company.

2. Figure Out Your Budget

Speaking of finances, you’ll want to create a budget before you go shopping for industrial pumps. Since they’re a bit more expensive than something that you just pick up at the hardware store, you’ll need to be sure that you’re making the right choice before you pull out your checkbook. Look for deals and discounts, too, so that you’ll save extra pennies.

3. Ask About Delivery

Buying an industrial pump is only the first step. You’ll also need to have it delivered, and that means meeting shipping clearances during transport. Most companies get around this by shipping deaerators separate from their pump packages, but it’s worth asking about when you’re on the phone with them. They might do it differently.

4. Read Customer Reviews

One or two bad reviews is nothing to worry about, but if multiple people are complaining about the same feature, they’re probably onto something. On the flip side, if 99 percent of people love the pump, you can safely disregard the other one percent. The odds are good that it’s a worthwhile product.

5. Compare and Contrast

This is a good rule of thumb for buying any product, but it’s especially important when you’re dropping a lot of cash on an industrial pump. Where are the best deals? Which brands have the best prices? Which companies offer different models of the same product for varying user needs? Always compare and contrast before making your final decision on an industrial pump.

These are just a few important considerations when buying industrial pumps. It might not be an easy decision, but as long as you follow these tips, you should feel confident in your choice.

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