Bathroom flooring 101

Bathroom flooring 101

The decision-making process that goes into choosing your bathroom flooring is often not as straight forward as for the rest of your house. Your family situation may determine which option you will choose, as will your budget and taste. With a wide choice that includes tiles, laminate, vinyl, concrete and stone, read on for our quick guide to choosing the right bathroom flooring.


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Those with children

Young families have a specific set of needs when it comes to any purchase, whether this is a car, garden furniture or flooring. Those with children will need something that is durable, affordable, hygienic and safe; most of all, you will need something that can take the inevitable splashing and puddles that appear during and after bathtime! The best floor for families is undoubtedly vinyl flooring. Not only is this safer if your little one has a fall but also the choice of designs means you can go for something really fun.

Couples without children or with older children

Whether you have no children or your children have left home, you have more flexibility when it comes to choosing bathroom flooring. You can probably focus more on what will look beautiful and can afford to spend a little more, with porcelain and ceramic tiles a great option. They can cost a lot more, however, so be prepared. If you are planning on having children in the future or perhaps having grandchildren over to stay, it may make more sense to put down vinyl anyway. If you do opt for tiles, make sure they have been designed for the bathroom floor and not for the wall.

Elderly people

Slips in the bathroom are a common cause of injury in the elderly population, which is why your bathroom flooring should be well thought out. When thinking about preventing slips, vinyl or rubber can be the best choices. With vinyl, again there is a wide choice for every taste from suppliers such as Wood flooring also works, as it can be warmer and softer than tiles.

There is plenty to consider when it comes to bathroom flooring. Tiles are beautiful and elegant, but vinyl offers a wealth of choice and is a more hygienic and safer option for those with young children or for the elderly.

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