Internet of Things is the next target of cyber attacks and tell you where to come


Internet of Things is the next target of cyber attacks and tell you where to come

The Internet of Things gradually continues to spread through our lives although not at the pace that many expected. The truth is that more and more gadgets around us are connected and clear, this aspect represents a gap that potential cyber attackers could exploit.

The connected home, wearables, smart clothing … many open windows that can sneak attackers looking to make our data and take control of our virtual lives. It will not be far when the cyber attack is a gain control of our washer or our oven to give just example …


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It seems in this important sense to take precautions and protect the same thing we do with our computer and your phone. Basically seek to hinder for a hacker cannot invade our privacy and jeopardize sensitive information.

A fact for which we can suffer a number of risks that may have greater or lesser importance, something that is increasingly aware security companies.

The point of origin for an attack on our smart home is usually the EIB / KNX, the most important part system, the core of Connected Home and the European standard control of connected buildings. A system that could violate Erebos for example, a small device that is able to recognize commands with the network controls our devices.

Take control of part of our home or our property

It has been shown that manufacturers are not 100% sure to stay connected when it comes, especially if we refer to areas where traditionally this type of functionality is not overlooked. This is the case of the engine, where we heard and read news about fractures in the system such industry made our vehicle was vulnerable.

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But it does not end there and that is if we do not have the infrastructure with good protection any appliance that does not have good protection can be at risk due to advanced techniques rasomware. A cyber attack could control your fridge or your washing machine and make it inoperative or the opposite, it stopped not work as a way to achieve some sort of extortion.

Criminal practices

This practice can be linked directly with the previous case and is that having control over some aspect of our lives could from blackmailing us to even impersonating us to perform any type of operation. Imagine for example, a cyber criminal access to a fridge with free internet and decides it’s time to make a big purchase.

The problem can be found in such devices it is that while a computer (for example) has a protection in the form of antivirus, firewall or anti-malware is not often the case with other products. A large majority of manufacturers have not checked their systems against external attacks and there are hardly any effective protection measures.

Therefore and considering the current situation, it is especially to control the weaknesses of domestic controls KNX and above all taking a basic time maintain security passing over all measures to control the security of our network. For more reviews please visit

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