What Is the Difference Between Formula 1 and Formula 2 Racing?

What Is the Difference Between Formula 1 and Formula 2 Racing?

Practically everybody in the world has heard of Formula 1 motor car racing, but not everyone knows that there is also a Formula 2 (and 3 as well). Ever wondered what the difference is between Formula 1 and Formula 2? Read on for a quick rundown of what sets them apart.

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A Level Playing Field

Rather than thinking of Formula 1 and 2 as comparable to the FA Premiership and Championship, it may be easier to think of them as two different sports. Formula 1 has ‘teams’ which are car manufacturers who build cars for individual team members (drivers) who then earn points for both themselves and the team. Although there are a huge number of rules about the technology which can be used, the car manufacturers work hard to develop the fastest cars. In F2, however, all drivers drive the same car, and their team is merely their sponsor. This makes for a much more level playing field and, for some spectators, a cleaner race.

Easier Entry Access

Drivers wishing to compete in F1 races need to raise up to £2 million pounds to enter, whilst F2 drivers need only raise £250,000. This allows for younger, less well-known drivers to start racing earlier.

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Simpler Points System

Rather than the complicated points system of F1, F2 is quite simple. There are 25 drivers each racing in a set number of 16 events across the season at eight famous tracks, including Monaco and Silverstone. The winner of a race gets 25 points, second place gets 24 points, and so on to the 25th position driver, who earns one point. Points are added up at the end of the season, and the player with the most points wins.

Glitz and Glamour

Despite a revival in the interest of F2 in Europe, Formula 1 still has the edge when it comes to luxury hospitality, glitz, glamour and parties. Hospitality providers such as https://edgeglobalevents.com/f1-hospitality/ can secure attendees rooms at top Monaco hotels such as Ermanno Palace.

Essentially both driving races, there is a surprisingly big difference between F1 and F2 events. For some, nothing can beat the top tier of Formula 1 racing, although for others the clean, level race of F2 is more enjoyable and a simpler experience.

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