How Does A Criminal Record Ruin Your Life?

How Does A Criminal Record Ruin Your Life?

The idea that a criminal record can limit your opportunities seems like common sense to most people, but a criminal record can do more damage than most people may think. If your criminal record is clean with the exception of a misdemeanor, then you might think that this does not apply to you. But any kind of criminal record can not only stand in the way of opportunities that could improve your life, but a criminal record of any kind can actually go to the other extreme and ruin your life.

Advancing Your Career

The opportunities you are afforded in your career could be severely limited if you have a criminal record. For example, most companies that hire for high-paying positions that have a great deal of responsibility prefer candidates without criminal records. Some industries, such as teaching and security, tend to completely avoid hiring candidates that have a criminal record.

If you are planning on getting into a field that deals a lot in personal responsibility, then your criminal record will limit your opportunities. There are a wide variety of industries and companies that hire people with criminal records, but even in those companies your chances of moving into a managerial or executive position are limited.

Finding A Place To Live

You will find that many residential areas that have a homeowners association also have rules that include excluding people with a criminal record. In some instances, it can be illegal to limit housing opportunities because of a criminal record. But there are always ways for homeowners associations to limit access to their neighborhoods, and it can be a problem if you have a criminal record.

Becoming Bonded

Starting a business is an option many people with criminal records choose to pursue, but even that can be a problem if you have a criminal record. Many types of businesses from delivery services to construction companies require that the company be bonded to work on larger or public projects. If you have a criminal record, then it can be almost impossible to be bonded.

The creative entrepreneur will look for ways of getting the company bonded to help it move forward, but that only solves part of the problem. If you intend to work for your bonded company, then you usually need to be bonded as well. When you have a criminal record, getting bonded is virtually impossible.

Crossing The Border

If you do manage to find employment with a good company despite your criminal record, then you could be in trouble if your job requires you to cross the American-Canadian border. Security at the border has been increasing over the years, and a criminal record is a sure way to be denied access across the border.

A criminal record can do more than just deny you access across the border, it can extend your border adventure into an ordeal lasting several hours. When you cross the border with a criminal record, the border authorities will normally detain you and then search your vehicle. The process can take hours, and it can leave you with a car in pieces.


Volunteering can be a great way to serve your community and add valuable experience to your resume. But if you have a criminal record, then you may be left out of these types of opportunities. Volunteer organizations are forced to be very particular about who they accept, and a criminal record can be a sure way to get your application denied.

If you have a criminal record and want to pursue the opportunities available to improve your life, then look into filling out and submitting a pardon application. You can talk to experts about the pardoning process, and then submit your name for consideration. If your pardon is accepted, then you will have a whole world of opportunities open up to you that you were excluded from in the past.

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