How To Make Sure You’re In The Right Frame Of Mind During Lockdown

How To Make Sure You’re In The Right Frame Of Mind During Lockdown

It’s a crazy time in the world and it’s important to stay politically active and alert as much as possible, but that’s the outer you, and you need to make sure your inner self is functioning properly. The basics like eating right and working out are essential for staying physically healthy, but making sure you’re in the proper headspace is important, too. Part of that can mean moderation when it comes to drinking and drugs. Sure it can take the edge off and help you relax, but too much can definitely affect your outlook and performance.

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One of the most popular ways to make sure you are relaxed and alert at the same time is meditation, and there many ways that you can do this effectively. Finding even just fifteen or twenty minutes during the day to sit on a yoga mat or towel and do some deep breathing can do wonders for your frame of mind. If you combine this with yoga – and its deep breathing-focused exercises – you can work out your body at the same time.

Another great way is to briefly disconnect from the internet’s fridge buzz during certain sections of the day. Just turn the phone off when you are doing other activities (like meditation). If you are going to pick up a book, just focus reading a couple chapters of it in one setting and don’t bother to keep peering down on your phone. Even typical household chores like cooking and cleaning can be rewarding in itself if you don’t have a podcast or music blasting in your ear for that brief time.

When you leave your house there are plenty of options. Going to a park – or if possible, an actual forest – is a good way to get back in touch with nature, and can make you truly appreciate the planet we’re living on. Meeting up with others in this environment can help you find like-minded people who are wanting to make the earth a better place.

Since the corporate world is the source of many people’s stress, it helps if you can avoid many of these places in your day to day activities, and it’s good to see that there are more and more independently run options for everything, from coffee to groceries to even clothing (second-hand or otherwise).

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